Shanghai Diamond Exchange Members Hear of Benefits of Participating in Bharat Diamond Week

Bharat Diamond Week

Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association President says members looking forward to attending Bharat Diamond Week due to uncertainty surrounding situation in Hong Kong

Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) President Anoop Mehta and Vice-President Mehul Shah held a highly successful visit to the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) this week where they explained the benefits of participating in the Bharat Diamond Week (BDW) which takes place at the bourse from October 14 to 16.

The senior BDB officials held discussions with the leadership of the exchange along with more than 20 SDE member companies where they presented the benefits of taking part in the leading global bourse polished diamond sales event.

“We had three full days of talks with a wide variety of members of the SDE who showed great interest in attending the Bharat Diamond Week,” said Mehta. “We were delighted with the turnout and the issues that were raised as we explained that visitors will be able to source a huge variety of diamonds both at the Diamond Week and from our other 3,000 member companies.”

Shah, who is responsible for the Bharat Diamond Week and organized the two successful polished diamond events held last year, said: “We also had a very good meeting with Lin Qiang, president of the SDE and Vice President of WFDB. Lin Qiang is also the guest of honor at the BDW where he will be attending with a Chinese buyer delegation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Lin and SDE staff and members for the wonderful hospitality and we look forward to seeing them at the Bharat Diamond Bourse for the Bharat Diamond Week in October.

“Our aim is to increase visitor numbers at each of the Bharat Diamond Week events. With the help of our colleagues at the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, I am sure we will achieve this. China is a hugely important consumer market, and we are very pleased that Chinese diamond and jewellery companies will visit the Bharat Diamond Week and see how Indian diamond firms can fulfil all of their sourcing requirements. In addition, we will also be hosting delegations of foreign buyers from Israel, Dubai, Greece, South Africa, Vietnam and Bangladesh as well as from across India.”

He added that he had received a message from Somchai Phornchindarak, President of both the Gems, Jewelry, and Precious Metal Confederation of Thailand and the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association, regarding the uncertainty of the situation in Hong Kong due to unrest. The September Gem and Jewellery Show is just weeks away. “Looking at the uncertainty in Hong Kong, our members are looking forward to the Bharat Diamond Week at the Bharat Diamond Bourse,” Phornchindarak said in a
message to Shah.

Meanwhile, Shah said that the number of companies and individuals who have registered for the show is already far ahead of those for the two previous shows which were held in 2018. As with the two previous shows, the BDB will provide selected buyers with complimentary hotel accommodation, with around 150 complementary hotel rooms for foreign buyers. Priority will be given to visitors who are members of bourses affiliated to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), but all members of the diamond trade across the world are welcome to participate.

Each Indian company that wins the right to display at the Bharat Diamond Week is entitled to one booth. Since trading in synthetic or lab-grown diamonds is banned in the BDB, so there will not be any such diamonds traded at the BDW.

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