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China's Retail Jewelry

China’s Retail Jewelry Trade is in Recovery

Jewelry stores have shown "encouraging signs" in post-COVID-19 China, according to De Beers. Paul Rowley, its executive vice president of diamond trading, said most retail...

ALROSA reports on the results of the first stage of its digital tender

ALROSA completed the first round of a digital tender for large rough diamonds, which took place between May 15 and May 29, 2020. At...
Diamond Producers Association presents major brand overhaul

Diamond Producers Association presents major brand overhaul

The Diamond Producers Association has revealed a major company overhaul, including a new name, platform, and identity. Launched today, the Diamond Producers Association will now...

ALROSA keeps unprecedented flexibility for its long-term customers during June trading session

ALROSA keeps unprecedentedly flexible terms for its long-term customers for the third trading session in a row, aiming to support the diamond industry in...

Severalmaz cuts production

Arkhangelsk, June 2020 – The Lomonosov Division of Severalmaz, a subsidiary of ALROSA Group, will decrease its 2020 diamond output. This decision was driven...
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