The Most Magnificent Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

The Most Magnificent Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings
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Marriage proposals are never complete without a bit of bling. However, some people go above and beyond to impress their partners on their engagement day. Custom diamond engagement rings are the latest trend. Rings have to be simple and elegant at the same time without ‘dripping with diamonds’.

Few people go all out with their engagement rings, prominent celebrities being among them. Scroll down for some of the most impressive celebrity engagement rings and some interesting facts associated with each of these:

1. Katy Perry’s blooming and beautiful band

Orlando Bloom’s engagement ring to Katy Perry has a large pink stone in the center surrounded by eight diamonds. The flower-shaped design doesn’t seem to be a coincidence; Bloom’s preference for this particular shape is definitely pun-worthy.

Perry even went along with the pun, posting a selfie announcing their engagement on Instagram with the caption “full bloom.” How could anyone write an article on engagement rings and not include this one! 

2.  J-Lo and her green emerald stunner

Former baseball star Alex Rodriguez proposed to singer Jennifer Lopez during a vacation to the Bahamas. The highly-expensive engagement ring features an emerald-cut diamond on a platinum band.

The diamond is estimated to be between 15 and 20 carats and reportedly costs around $1.5 million. On a completely unrelated note, one of J-Lo’s popular songs is titled “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” Just putting it out here.   

3. Cardi B and her secret wedding

Cardi B revealed that she and her partner Offset, who is a part of the hip-hop trio Migos, have been married since September 2018. The pair secretly married at their home with no wedding guests, except one cousin for witness. However, during a live concert in October, Offset pleasantly surprised her with a marriage proposal. Talk about big fancy gestures.

The pear-shaped 8-carat diamond crafted in a halo setting has smaller diamonds surrounding it. This design sits on what appears to be a platinum band. 

4. Cushion-cut diamonds for Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have also been together a while now, but their engagement ring definitely deserves mention. Jonas reportedly first contacted the Quantico star by sliding into her Twitter DMs, and the pair got engaged a couple of years later. 

Estimated to cost around $300,000, the cushion-cut diamond ring with two baguettes at the sides sits on a simple platinum band. Jonas selected this design after he temporarily shut down an entire Tiffany store to hunt for the perfect ring for his lady love. This story somehow makes the ring all the more special.

5. Chrissy Teigen and her cushion cut dream

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are a celebrity couple no one can possibly hate. Their twitter antics make them all the more endearing and lovable to their fans. However, they are not just known for their fun internet personalities. Chrissy Teigen got married to John Legend in 2013 September.

The world saw her sporting a gorgeous cushion cut diamond ring months before that and took the hint! This gorgeous diamond is set in a delicate wedding band and looks more elegant than ever on Chrissy. It is estimated that John spent an upward of $200,000 on this ring for her! 


Celebrities, more often than not, inspire new trends among their fans. The recent years have seen a surge in the number of one-of-a-kind proposals and weddings. Jewelry stores also sell rings inspired by designs worn by popular stars. Every day, we see people go to new lengths to proclaim their love for their partners, which is extremely beautiful to watch. Now excuse us, we’re overwhelmed and are going to sob quietly in a corner.

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