These are the engagement ring styles trending in 2021 according to Google

These are the engagement ring styles trending in 2021 according to Google
Engagement Ring Styles Trending in 2021

H&T have analysed Google search volumes to reveal the engagement ring styles trending this year.

Whilst a global pandemic may have halted wedding plans for many couples, engagements have been on the rise with searches for ‘engagement rings UK up by 50% on last year.

1. Hidden Halo Engagement Rings +150%

Searches for ‘hidden halo engagement ring’ are up 150% on last year. Hidden halo rings also known as ‘under halo setting’ rings features a halo of diamonds that sits at the base of the ring and is a unique take on a classic halo set ring. The halo cannot be seen from above but will be visible from other angles.

Hidden halo’s work well as a base for any diamond shape, from oval cut to pear and can make the centre stone look up to 15% larger as it acts as a platform for the larger stone.

2. Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings +110%

Emerald cut rings have risen in popularity over the last year, with searches for ‘rectangle engagement rings’ up by 110%. One of the most timeless cuts, the Emerald cut is popular among both royalty and celebrities and creates perfect clarity and twinkling reflections.

3. Gold Bands +90%

This year gold bands are a big trend as we’ve seen searches for ‘gold engagement ring’ increase by 90%. SIlver jewellery rose in popularity in the mid 2000s, with many people opting for a lighter coloured metal that was durable and more affordable, and as such platinum and silver bands began to dominate the engagement ring market.

Gold jewellery has risen in popularity within the fashion industry, so have searched for engagement rings for those looking to match their most important ring to the rest of their collection.

4. Matching Engagement Rings +70%

As more couples look for bands together, searches for ‘engagement ring for couples’ has increased by 70%. Matching engagement rings are ideal for couples who both want engagement rings and are perfect for same-sex couples.

Matching rings don’t have to be exactly the same, if you have different styles try something more unique by pairing different rings with common features such as the same metal, diamond cut or precious stones.

5. Cluster Engagement Rings +51%

Searches for ‘diamond cluster engagement ring’ are up 51%. Cluster rings are perfect for those looking for a more unique ring as it features several small diamonds rather than a larger diamond which is more traditional.

6. Engagement Watches +42%

A recent report by Lyst revealed that engagement watches are now becoming a thing, with searches for them increasing by 42%. Engagement watches can be an alternative to engagement rings or can be gifted by a woman to her fiance as reciprocation for an engagement ring.

7. Men’s Engagement Rings +40%

Men’s Engagement Rings

As with couples engagement rings, men’s engagement rings are also becoming more popular. Searches for ‘men’s ring with diamond’ are up 40% on last year as men look to incorporate different cuts and colours of diamond into their bands.

8. Oval Engagement Rings +22%

Searches for oval engagement rings have risen by 22% this year. The oval cut is commonly used with shallow diamonds. Due to its long shape having an Oval cut engagement ring really elongates the finger and creates an elegant silhouette. One of the most iconic oval cut rings is Princess Diana’s which is now Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, the famous oval cut sapphire is surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds.

Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and TJM Media Pvt Ltd. is not responsible for any errors in the same.