Tiffany Buys “Finest Ever” Muzo Emerald

Tiffany Buys

Tiffany & Co has bought an extremely rare emerald weighing over 10 carats and described as the finest ever sourced from the famed Muzo mines of Colombia.

It is virtually inclusion-free, has no fissures and has a perfectly saturated green color.

The New York-based jeweler did not disclose the price or provide a precise specification.

“We are thrilled to announce our recent acquisition of the Tiffany Muzo Emerald,” said Victoria Wirth Reynolds, Tiffany’s chief gemologist.

“This remarkable stone, weighing over 10 carats, is a continuation of Tiffany’s longstanding heritage of acquiring the most coveted gemstones that Mother Nature has to offer.”

The rectangular square cut emerald was extracted from the historical Puerto Arturo shaft at Muzo, 60 miles northwest of Bogota, in December 2019.

The Tiffany Muzo Emerald is due to debut alongside the fall launch of Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue.

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