TOP TIPS: Marketing advice for emerging designers and small jewellery brands

TOP TIPS: Marketing advice for emerging designers and small jewellery brands

A report release yesterday predicted a rise in branded jewellery sales, with future growth expected to stem from less-known brands and designers.

Here, OneBuy shares five pieces of marketing advice for emerging designers or smaller jewellery brands look to capatalise on this potential to consider:

Create a Brand Story

A brand story is the complete narrative that surrounds a business. It shows not only how you do business, but why and in what way you’re different to anyone else. When brands convey their story, it makes them more memorable.

Developing a story creates an identity and a ‘personal’ feel to a company, which consumers can connect to. If a company lacks a key emotional component, it’ll remain nothing more than a commodity. A brand story involves the audience and invites them to engage.

Home in on Hashtags

New brands can use their name in a hashtag to gain recognition. Brand-name hashtags provide an easy way for people to find and follow a brand. Plus, consumer use of the brand-name hashtag will build an effective rapport for the brand and its users.

Hashtags can help to find a target audience. Brands should participate in trending hashtag conversations to expose their name to existing audiences and topics. Within these conversations, brands can research and study the community and hone in on what matters to their audience.

Keep where you engage relevant and authentic – this will develop brand voice and trust among those you’re influencing.

Share Live Video

In 2018, live video is considered one of the most engaging mediums of communication. In fact, Facebook found users watch live content three times longer than pre-recorded videos. Remember, images can catch the eye and content can compel but they cannot facilitate the type of engagement generated by live streams.

The interactivity of live video will no doubt strengthen the relationship between brand and consumers.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with an influencer from the field of fashion bloggers, social media influencers or digital influencers, is a great way to boost a brand in 2018.

In fact, partnering with an influencer will markedly improve brand awareness and build trust with consumers (people respect their content and recommendations.) A collaboration could also enrich your content strategy (sharing influencer content helps to fill gaps and provide relevant content) and provide value to your audience.

Join an Online Marketplace

Selling online can be confusing and competitive. Partnering with an online marketplace is a good place to start for an emerging brand that wants to reach a wide audience. Plus, you will have access to a user-friendly platform and (in most cases) tech support, making handling your business as stress-free as possible.

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