Trend File: Irini Design’s Fabulous Florals

floral stud earrings

Sometimes a flower isn’t simply a flower.

In the case of floral stud earrings floral stud earrings, Full Bloom, the 14k gold flowers glittering with colored gemstones represent a deep love and a tragic loss for designer Irene Karandrikas—who launched her namesake brand last year in New York City.

“I lost my mother in August 2016, due to Bulbar ALS,” the designer reveals. “During our time together in her final weeks, she loved when I would tell her how beautiful heaven was. I would describe to her the colors and the way the flowers looked and smelled. She loved this and so did I.”

The sweet collection, which ranges up to $3,000 per piece, explores classic petaled-flower motifs with floral stud earrings comprised of diamonds and colored stones (sapphires, black diamonds, emeralds, pearls) and ear jackets with flower studs that hook up to arcing stems with gem-studded petals.

The brand donates a portion of all sales to ALS research.

floral stud earrings

floral earrings

floral stud earrings

The looks—which are meant to be mixed and matched together—are cheerful, but tempered with a dash of cerebral artsiness.

And with so many different stones to choose from, the collection doubles as a great “mom” bauble. “Mothers can choose to wear the birthstone of their children without it being a typical birthstone piece of jewelry,” says the designer. “And those who love a great ear party will absolutely be drawn to it.”

Without a doubt, we certainly were.

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