Vintage Jewelry Retailer Topazery Debuts an Online Education Feature


Because an informed shopper is an invested shopper

5In fine jewelry retail, customer education has always been an important part of the sales equation.

And no one does more educating than vintage and antique jewlery dealers, who understand that an educated consumer is, in general, a more invested consumer.  But consumers are increasingly moving to the internet—as opposed to phoning or walking into a brick-and-mortar store—to get their jewelry questions answered. Which is why Atlanta-based online vintage and antique jewelry retailer Topazery recently debuted a Learning Center on its website that answers a host of basic questions about buying vintage and estate jewelry and gemstones.

The feature, which reads like a mini encyclopedia, is robust—it offers more than 30 different modules of information, including practical tips on how to purchase older pieces such as “Look for disclosures…about the vintage jewelry itself. [Sellers] may try to gloss over any indications of wear. A reputable seller will disclose what’s going on with a piece.”

A rundown of jewelry eras —from the Victorian to the retro periods—includes images of jewelry that embody the aesthetics of each. A Gemstone Guide explains the Mohs’ scale of mineral hardness, before delving into the attributes and origins of major gemstones including emeralds, rubies, opals, diamonds (colored and colorless), alexandrites, and citrines.

The section on Victorian-era jewelry on Topazery

There’s even a section that talks about great Hollywood love stories from the past, through the lens of jewelry. Yes, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are spotlighted, but so are Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio and Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.

Jan Walden, founder of Topazery, said in a statement, “Our goal in creating the Learning Center is to give consumers the information they need, not only to make purchase decisions with confidence, but to enjoy their purchases through an appreciation of the uniqueness that can be found only in vintage and antique pieces. By accessing information in our Learning Center, people can gain a greater appreciation for the world of vintage and antique jewelry.”

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