The 228-Ct Harrods Diamond on Offer During 2016 Festive Sale Season


For someone somewhere there is a large rock in the offing as a Christmas present. Maybe. What is certain is that Harrods, that renowned London department store has unearthed from its vaults a large 228.31 carat pear shaped diamond, which is now on display (with appointment) and available for sale, or so media reports tell us, after the diamond was unveiled last week.

The G-colour diamond, with a VS1 clarity grade is arguably the most expensive single piece of merchandise put out by Harrods in a long while.

A press release from Harrods stated: “In the Safe Deposit at the heart of the world-famous Knightsbridge store, home to some of Harrods clients’ most treasured possessions, an incredible diamond has been hiding, a precious stone that is now referred to as “The Harrods Diamond” by its owner [who chooses to remain anonymous] and the stone’s Harrods custodians.”

“We are thrilled to unveil one of the world’s rarest diamonds, the so-called Harrods Diamond, named after the iconic Knightsbridge store,” reports quoted Helen David, Chief Merchant at Harrods as saying. “It is rare that stones of this weight, cut, polish and symmetry are sold outside auction, so this is an exceptional opportunity for Harrods’ customers and a very exciting moment in Harrods’ history.”

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