Sarine Diamond Journey Reports Now Available On IDEX

Sarine Diamond Journey Reports Now Available On IDEX

Sarine Technologies Ltd. said diamond retailers and wholesalers can now easily search for Sarine traced diamonds on IDEX Diamond Trading Network. The platform provides two search options – one for diamonds that were fully traced and a Sarine Diamond Journey traceability report was already issued; and the second for ‘Sarine Ready’ diamonds that went through the traceability process and a report could be ordered once demanded.

Sarine traceability solution is unique and differs from others as it is the only solution that is based on technology-generated-data and not declared data or unverified data extracted from inventory management systems of the participating parties. Sarine Diamond Journey also provides rich data of the journey, processes and ownership throughout the diamond pipeline rather than just information regarding origin.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, commented: “We are glad to witness a significant increase in demand for Sarine Diamond Journey tracked diamonds and believe that a key element for its success is the ability to easily find and source such diamonds. We are continuing our investment in this field and are proud to be able to give the industry the highest level of assurance regarding traceability throughout the entire pipeline.”

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