Birks, E-tailer to Sell Rare Diamonds to Asian Buyers


Among the items for sale: Canada’s largest colored diamond

Birks Group is joining with Asian online luxury marketplace Luxify to offer unusual Canadian diamonds to Asian buyers.

The collaboration will give buyers the opportunity to purchase some rare Canadian stones, including the 35.11 ct. Radiant North, said to be Canada’s largest colored diamond (pictured); a rare fancy 4.05 ct. intense purple-pink diamond; and a 7.01 ct. D flawless emerald-cut diamond.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for us to introduce Birks’ unique Canadian diamonds to our local markets,” said Florian Martigny, cofounder of Luxify, in a statement. “These exquisite diamonds are a savvy asset, allowing buyers to keep an eye on their investment whether they are worn on a finger or kept as an investment.”

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