Britt’s Pick: Antonini’s Atolli Collar Necklace


Collar necklaces—particularly ones that make a statement—are as wildly popular as ever. So, of course, this sleek piece from Antonini‘s Atolli collection caught my eye. With curvy, sculptured style, it surrounds pieces of the jet in glossy rings of gold, the larger of the two accented in diamonds. The circular shapes represent that of an atoll, or, “an outline that encompasses a stretch of crystal clear water.” This according to a press release from the Italian jeweler. This jet version evokes the trendier half of the collection, while a similar design in pavé diamonds takes on the role of the more precious. This doubly-faceted collection, comprised of opposing yet harmonious styles, seems perfectly fit for a Gemini—those who, including yours truly, happen to be celebrating a birthday this month.

Atolli collar necklace in 18k yellow gold with jet and diamonds, price on request