Cloud-based platform connects and accelerates jewellery supply chain


Cloud-based platform Atelier Technology has been created to help connect the entire jewellery supply chain, accelerate product development and drive sales.

Created by jewellers with over 100 years of experience in the trade, Atelier Technology is a cloud-based software tailored exclusively for the jewellery industry.

It is an online space where retailers and suppliers can come together to collaborate and trade by making use of the software’s variety of digital tools, which have been designed to help jewellery businesses evolve faster, with less resources.

For example, by using Atelier Technology retailers can search millions of samples in seconds, making it easier and fast to get products to market, while for suppliers it provides an opportunity to create digital sample lines and not only present collections to retailers all around the world, but also monitor engagement. All trade professionals can also benefit from live margins, multi-currency pricing, direct communication, and excel exportation.

The platform has also been designed to offer world-class security to all its users, and allow the supply chain to connect on an ‘invite basis’, meaning retailers using the software will not be bombarded with messages from vendors they have not agreed to connect with.

In addition, Atelier Technology provides live chats and image annotation technology, meaning buyers can communicate more quickly and efficiently with suppliers.

Atelier Technology founder and director, Dominic Hill, explains: “We’ve all witnessed the evolution of retail from brick and mortar to where we stand today, which is omnichannel, and nobody can afford not to have a website. We all take that as a given and we understand that if we want to thrive as retailers or brands that we need to have a strong digital presence, and a strong physical touch point system – whether that’s in stores or branded boutiques, it’s difficult to succeed without doing both. And so what we are doing is we are addressing that same change in the business to business process.”

“Companies that don’t embrace new ways of getting their products to market, or if you’re a retailer, new ways of finding new suppliers, buying products and accelerating window rotation, are going to be left behind,” Hill continues. “You can’t stop waves, you can only really learn to surf them, and technology is just like that, it comes in and it breaks all the rules, and yet we have to adapt . What we are offering is an off the shelf solution that can help business models evolve and adapt to these changes.”

Atelier Technology offers many benefits to different sectors of the trade, and is constantly adapting to meet industry needs. Ultimately, by working on connected systems, the jewellery trade can utilise digital tools to grow business, and save time and money in a marketplace which is rapidly evolving.

Find out more about Atelier Technology in the November issue of Professional Jeweller.

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