Does yellow sapphire really bring good fortune and wealth?

Does yellow sapphire really bring good fortune and wealth?

When money and respect don’t come easy, people seek for Jyotish gemstones for a changeover. It is said that associated gemstones play a significant part in turning the wheels of your fortune. On the other hand, there are reasons that prompt a person to ask whether certain gemstones really work. And so is it with a yellow sapphire that has been stated to possess celestial powers.

Yellow Sapphire is called “The Gemstone of Fortune/Luck”, for not one but many reasons. Differences of opinion go on among people whether yellow sapphire is just a fancy jewel or has divine powers. As per astrologers, gemmologists and ancient beliefs, the natural yellow sapphire is very much genuine in its functioning and is miraculous. Even the non-believers are becoming experimental and started having different views on the subject. Here is all that you need to know to see if yellow sapphire really brings good luck.

About Yellow Sapphire

Also called Pukhraj, it is a yellow colour gemstone for Guru (Jupiter). The fine yellow colour is considered to be of topmost clarity and quality. The gem has unique colour, cuts, transparency and characteristics that make it shine out. Its appealing appearance is used by people, especially women to embed it in various jewellery items. It is also called by other names like Gururatna and Pushparagam. A pukhraj is auspicious for its association with Jupiter due to which it endows numerous benefits to its wearer, mainly health and wealth. Those suffering from weak Jupiter adopt this precious yellow coloured stone to seek rewarding health and career. The light yellow colour in the gemstone is due to minerals iron and titanium. Yellow sapphire is available in oval, round and emerald-cut shapes. Its quality is calculated on the scales of purity, transparency, colour and origin.

Gemstone of Fortune

Since it’s associated with the Guru (Jupiter) of all the planets, the Yellow Sapphire tops the rank when it comes to being precious and rare. Also, Indian astrology and Vedic Gemmology states that it is a “Gemstone of Fortune” because it is allied to the most powerful planet of the Universe. Jupiter is the largest planet and holds a vast expanse of positivity as per Vedic astrology. The kind of effects that planet and the yellow sapphire together exert upon an individual is simply beyond words. Yellow sapphire is all about positive planetary forces that remove repeated problems, failures and disappointments from the native’s destiny.

The Significance

It is said that each and every gemstone is associated with a planet and so is Yellow Sapphire which is associated with Jupiter. Infact, Jupiter holds the status of a teacher among all the planets. No wonder, the strong influential forces of the planet is then passed on to the wearer through the yellow sapphire. It is said that yellow sapphire captures the major portion of the beams (positivity) emitted by the planet Jupiter which altogether makes it the birthstone of Jupiter. So, yellow sapphire carries the effects of Jupiter that represents the day Thursday. It absorbs the negativities and imparts the positivity so that if there are planetary forces that are against you, yellow sapphire gets them all on track.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Pukhraj rashi ratna wards off multiple problems from the life of an individual. A few to be mentioned are:
• Brings professional life on track.
• Helpful for students to ensure a successful career.
• Dispels hurdles in the path to one’s marriage or marital life.
• Handles the negative influences of malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu
• A remedy to problems that arise from detrimental ‘Doshas’
• Protects from ailments, diseases and evil energies.
• Immensely beneficial for business activities.

How To Wear Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is a topmost choice among the Navratnas and can do wonders. But at times it may give negative results if not worn properly. For an impressive effect, astrologers advice it to wear on Thursday on the index finger of the right hand. Women can wear this on the index finger of the left hand. The metal used to embed Pukhraj also plays a significant role in providing benefits. As per sacred textbooks it gives results when worn in Gold or Panch Dhatu. Therefore, to channelize the power, there is a unique day, time and manner in which yellow sapphire should be worn.

Even though there are umpteen benefits of the yellow sapphire, it is still important to check with your astrologer whether it suits you or not. An unauthentic yellow sapphire can harm the wearer and have adverse effects. So, if you are buying natural yellow sapphire gemstone either online or offline, it must be from a trusted dealer.

We at Brahma Gems offer lab-certified gemstones along with recommendations based on your horoscope. Being a certified gem dealer, we provide original pukhraj stone that has the potential of bringing wealth and prosperity into your life. A real yellow sapphire encompasses certain characteristics including colour, weight, hardness etc. A fake or synthetic yellow sapphire stone reflect two colours or contains a black smudge. Before buying, learn about the specifications of the stone.

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