Fuli Gemstones hires CMO to help propel growth plans

Fuli Gemstones hires CMO to help propel growth plans

Fuli Gemstones has appointed Pia Tonna as its chief marketing officer with immediate effect.

With plans to propel business this year, the company has hired Tonna to help with growth plans in a newly created role. Tonna obrings with her a wealth of knowledge from all areas of luxury goods and fine jewellery, including the Gemfields mines, where she previously worked as director of marketing and sales. Her successful career to date will marry all her skill sets in this new role with Fuli Gemstones.

Tonna’s first course of action will be to focus on the launch of the company’s peridot mine located in Dunhua, Jilin Province, near the Changbai Mountains in China. The mine is the world’s largest known, natural deposit of peridot ever discovered.

Peridot gemstones are highly refractive, giving great brilliance.The most sought-after colour is grass green, with excellent clarity and saturation, these peridots command high prices on the international market. This same quality are said to be found at the Fuli Gemstones peridot mine.

“Our initial mission is to champion peridot, this regal gemstone, to showcase its beauty and to educate the industry and end consumers. We will be developing the first peridot grading system, working collaboratively with the international labs, to help ensure consistency of gemstone language and to provide a clear understanding across global markets,m” says Tonna.

She continues: “Cut perfectly, peridot, with its highly refractive characteristics, demonstrates dazzling fire. We will be able to develop one-of-a-kind, bespoke cuts for our clients, with full traceability, something we believe is essential in our industry. This will enable brands and designers to really push the boundaries of their imaginations and give confidence to their clients.”

Fuli Gemstones will soon be considering other exceptional deposits to build its gemstone portfolio.

The chief marketing officer has opened the London office of Fuli Gemstones, on Hanover Square and will be based there, travelling between the head offices in Hong Kong and Beijing, then within the first half of 2020, the company will open an office in New York.

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