GJF Elects a New Committee of Administration for 2016-18


The All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) has announced the names of those elected to the new Committee for Administration 2016-18 following the completion of its first ever online election process. The CoA comprises four zonal chairmen representing the North, South, East and West and 14 other Panel Representatives from different sectors of the manufacturing, trading and retailing segments.

The four newly elected Zonal Chairmen are Sankar Sen of Senco Gold Ltd – East; Vijay Khanna of Khanna Jewellers – North; N. Anantha Padmanabhan of NAC Jewellers – South and Nitin M. Khandelwal of Khandelwal Jewellers (Akola) – West.

The newly elected representatives of the respective panels are Suresh I. Dhruv of Bangalore Refinery (Precious Metal – Bullion); Madan Kothari of Master Chain (Small Manufacturer – Jewellery); Manoj Kumar Jha of Kamakhya Jewels (Medium Manufacturer -Jewellery; Shubhang Mittal of Shree Jee Jewellers (Medium Retailer); Krishna Behari Goyal of Dwarka Gems (Small and Medium Manufacturer – Colour Stones); Shantibhai Patel of Jaykrishna Jewellers (Small Retailer); Sanjay R. Agrawal of R.V. Agrawal Impex (Small and Medium Manufacturer – Silver Jewellery); Sayyam Mehra of Unique Chains (Large Wholesaler); Sanjay Kumar Jain of A S Jewellers (Small and Medium Wholesaler); Bipin Berry of Bombay Jewellers (Small Retailer); Avinash Gupta of Mamraj Musadilal Jewellers (Medium Manufacturer-Jewellery); Ashok Kumar Jain of Shree Laxmi Jewellery Ltd (Medium Retailer); Pramod Agrawal of Derewala Industries (Large Manufacturer – Jewellery) and Jayantilal J. Challani of Challani Jewellery Mart (Medium Retailer).

The Committee will elect the office bearers in its first meeting.

News Source : gjepc.org

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