IGT Thailand to open facility in Bangkok

IGT Thailand to open facility in Bangkok

The Institute of Gem Trading Thailand (IGT) – a new gemmological training centre focused on applied gemmology – is officially opening its doors in Bangkok.

Established in 2017, IGT offers ground-breaking courses based on decades of experience in gemstone mining, cutting and trading.

Its signature programme, Gem Trading Fundamentals, is articulated in three short independent modules: Colored Gem Rough Grading and Analysis, Cutting and Recutting for Business and Gem Entrepreneurship Essentials.

The programme offers the most comprehensive learning experience co-developed by industry experts to address the needs of the gem professionals, bridging the gap between a formal gemmological education and the actual gem trade, according to IGT.

Mariaveronica Favoroso, managing director of IGT Thailand, commented, “With our founders we created a pioneering programme designed by, and for, professionals who need to acquire tangible skills to work in a highly traditional industry using modern tools and the latest techniques and advancements in the gemstone trade.”

IGT offers flexibility with a modular programme that can fit in the busy schedules of gemmologists and an innovative hands-on approach aimed at allowing students to master “secrets” in the coloured gemstone trade, the institute said.

News Source : jewellerynet.com

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