JCK Las Vegas 2017: Magnificence’s Magnified Diamonds

Diamond Ring

“How can a diamond appear bigger and more beautiful without adding more diamonds or metal around it?”

It’s the question that prompted Indian jewelry brand and JCK Las Vegas exhibitor HK Designs (booth #B58053) to create an entirely new brand—and website—that pairs diamonds with settings that include actual magnifying glass.

The new line, called Magnificence, makes diamonds appear significantly larger by sealing them into glass lenses.

Encased in the glass settings, with a ring of empty space between the diamond and the gold border (which is often glittering with smaller diamonds), the pretty earrings, rings, and pendants look a bit like bejeweled compasses.


A photo showing how much a diamond is magnified by the Magnificence (utility/designs patent pending)

Magnificence earrings

Magnificence earrings

The idea of creating a bigger diamond look with an accessibly priced setting is an inspired one, considering the global demand for bigger, better, and more sparkling diamonds by consumers at nearly every economic level.

“We expect that this new, innovative collection will be a game changer and revolutionize the industry,” says Savji Dholakia, founder and chairman of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., which owns HK Designs.

(Top: Magnificence ring)

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