Jewellery display specialist invests in world’s first fully automated polishing machine

Wrights Plastics has invested £40000n the Bermaq diamond edge polisher

UK jewellery display manufacturer Wrights Plastics GPX has invested in a leading diamond-edged polisher as part of its ongoing investment programme.

West Bromwich-based Wrights Plastics GPX has purchased the Bermaq Ami-C diamond edge polisher, the world’s first fully automated polishing machine which promises “a perfect high quality finish” for acrylic and similar materials.

Wrights Plastics uses diamond polishing on a range of standard Point-of-Sale retail display products as well as bespoke display and signage items for clients such as Marks and Spencer and The Arcadia Group. The process provides a clean-as-glass finish to acrylic and similar plastics and the Ami-C enables bevels up to 60º lean.

Managing director, Mike Wright, comments: “It’s great to see the Bermaq Ami-C up and running. As with all our investment in cutting edge technology, this machine will enable us complete this process more efficiently, faster and to a higher quality – and that’s good news for our growing customer base and great news for UK-manufacturing as it allows us to remain competitive in a global market place.”

This latest purchase cost around £40,000 and follows June’s £300,000 investment in a laser cutting system.

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