Jewlr reports spike in UK customers buying graduation jewellery

buying graduation jewellery

Online jewellery retailer Jewlr has seen a spike in sales for its personalised graduation collection.

Sales for the jewellery trend, which is sweeping the UK from US shores, has increased by 1000% year on year at Jewlr.

Despite rising tuition fees, the numbers of student enrolling at university has continued to rise throughout the last few years, with the number of graduates rising by five percent in the UK last year.

ewlr’s graduation collection initially launched to worldwide customers in 2010, with their top selling graduation ring style is their ‘vintage graduation ring’ which features the year of graduation cut out into the side of the ring and the wearer’s birthstone, this style alone has seen a 1500% increase year on year.

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Jewlr graduation jewellery examples.

Previously a top seller amongst their US and Canadian customers, the UK is hot on the heels of the US by turning graduation into another opportunity for gifting spend.

Chief executive officer at Jewelr, Tony Davis, comments: “This year we’ve seen a massive surge in sales of the graduation collection with our UK customers. Last summer sales of the collection were relatively non-existent in the UK, now there seems to be a huge market for the personalised graduation styles here. Previously this was a US and Canadian market for us, suddenly the phenomenon has spread to UK shores as the demand for personalised gifts grows.”

Jewlr’s graduation collection features a variety of jewellery incorporating the year and month of graduation with the wearers birthstone, typically pendants will represent studious or coming of age symbols such as owls graduation hats or keys.


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