Karelian Diamonds Prepares for Drilling in Finland

Karelian Diamonds Prepares for Drilling in Finland

Karelian Diamond Resources said that it will shortly commence a drilling programme “up-ice” of the Company’s green diamond discovery in the Kuhmo region of eastern Finland. This drilling programme is being undertaken to find the source of the diamond found in the area.

Other programmes were also announced: the Company plans to conduct a micro diamond analysis on drill core from the Lahtojoki Diamond deposit over which the Company holds a mining concession; and it will also be undertaking a drilling programme as a follow-up on Karelian Diamond’s kimberlite discovery at Riihivaara.

“The drilling programme on the Company’s Green Diamond target follows-up on the results of a detailed till sampling programme carried out up-ice to the location of the discovery of the green diamond,” Karelian Diamonds elaborated. “The till sampling programme yielded high kimberlite indicator minerals (KIMs) counts including a high number of garnets which had what are known as “partial alteration mantles” suggesting close proximity to the source of the green diamond.”

The specific objective of the drilling programme will be to identify the bedrock type where the high KIMs were discovered. This information could be a crucial factor in identifying the source of the green diamond.

About the Lahtojoki Diamond Deposit, the Company said that a drill core from a previously untested area was examined, and is part of its “ongoing assessment of the deposit”. The analysis will be carried out by an independent diamond laboratory in Canada.

“The drilling programme at Karelian Diamond’s Riihivaara target is designed to intersect kimberlite at a deeper level in bedrock in two locations where previous pitting has identified the presence of kimberlite near surface,” said Karelian Diamonds. “The drilling will also provide additional kimberlite for geological studies and micro diamond test work.”

Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman, Karelian Diamond Resources plc commented: “The drilling programmes are a further step in the Company’s diamond exploration projects in Finland, as we look to discover a significant diamond body. The micro diamond analysis at Lahtojoki is also an important step in the Company’s review of the technical and financial potential of the Lahtojoki diamond deposit.”

News Source:- gjepc.org

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