Breitling choses MKS PAMP to source sustainable gold for its Super Chronomat Origins timepiece

Geneva – October 31st, 2022 – MKS PAMP, a provider of financial and physical trading services, and state-of-the-art precious  metals refinery, leverages its Provenance™ solution to promote responsible artisanal and small-scale mining with Breitling as the sourcing partner of its Super Chronomat Origins timepiece – the brand’s first-ever “traceable watch” that transparently  informs and engages owners about the origins of its precious materials. 

Breitling and MKS PAMP began their partnership in 2020, when the watchmaker strengthened its commitment to  sustainability, transparency, and traceability in the supply chain.  

“In order to reshape our approach to responsible sourcing to achieve positive social and environmental impact along the value chain while enabling product integrity and traceability, we knew we needed to have the right partners. The commitment of MKS PAMP to sourcing responsible artisanal and small-scale gold made it clear to us that this partnership would enable us to deliver our objectives,” noted Aurelia Figueroa, Global Head of Sustainability at Breitling.  

Putting responsible artisanal & small-scale mining on the map 

Alongside the Swiss Better Gold Association, MKS PAMP has over the years advocated and supported measures to build secure, transparent, and verifiable gold supply chains from responsible artisanal & small-scale miners to market. MKS PAMP  developed the Touchstone mine supply chain from which Breitling sourcesits production. Based in Colombia, the Touchstone mine is a success story for the industry with its strong environmental consciousness – this initiative could not have been better forged as key players came together to support Breitling’s mission to do better.  

“Artisanal small-scale mining (ASM) provides a livelihood to over 40 million people worldwide, which, for the gold mining sector, corresponds to about 20 million miners and represents approximately 20% of the global gold production,” highlights  Diana Culillas, Secretary General, Swiss Better Gold Association.  

“For Breitling, it was key for them to choose a mine that was aligned with its objectives and create shared value with its partners” highlights Xavier Miserez, Head of Sales, MKS PAMP. “Since 2017, we’ve actively collaborated with Touchstone – a mine that creates greater value through sustainability and its commitment to the local community. It was also the only mine to have been immediately accredited Step 2 by Swiss Better Gold. Today, Breitling sources 100% of its annual  production.” 

Guaranteeing supply-chain traceability  

To be fully accountable to its mission, Breitling wanted to introduce end-to-end traceability of its product. Through  Provenance™, a cutting-edge traceability solution that utilizes blockchain to track & trace the global precious metals supply chain, they can guarantee the exact source of their product as the material goes through a dedicated batch refining so that there is never any other precious metal from another source that comes into contact – ensuring supply chain transparency. 

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