Bonnie Jennifer Launches New Nameplate Necklaces and Gold-Filled Beaded Bracelets for Mother’s Day

Mom Nameplate Necklace, in 14K gold with a diamond, by Bonnie Jennifer

Celebrating motherhood in style, Bonnie Jennifer’s newest collection offers looks for layering this Spring/Summer 2022.

New York, NY. March 31, 2022. Motherhood creates a special bond between mother and child, unlike any other. The love, care, patience and strength mothers show has been celebrated by art and artists for centuries. Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate moms from all walks of life, with gifts of appreciation to honor them. For a memento to be worn with her everyday wardrobe, Bonnie Jennifer has developed new gold nameplate necklaces and gold-filled bracelets—the perfect gift. Moms love fashion, and these new pieces offer a fresh update to spring into the season.

“I created these pieces so that mom can feel special and acknowledged, by being gifted something that is not only affordable, but customizable,” says NY-based designer, Bonnie Jennifer. “There is nothing like the bond between mother and child, and we want to capture all versions of a piece that treasures the mothers we look up to and connect with.”

The nameplate necklace styles are available in a variety of options, including 14K white, rose, or yellow gold (as well as in sterling silver or vermeil, by request). Each also has the option of adding a diamond, either as the dot over an ‘i’, or at the end of a name or word, up to 10 characters long. The sparkle of the diamond adds an understated pop of luxury, and the necklace length is 16-18 inch and adjustable, perfect for adding to a neckstack, or ‘neck mess.’ Whether the mom you are celebrating goes by “mom,” “mami,” “mommy” or something else, necklaces are fully customizable. A given name, zodiac sign, or a symbolic word may be more her style—the necklaces offer an affordable way to create a modern heirloom for mom to wear.

For mothers who prefer an armstack, Bonnie Jennifer’s signature gold-filled beaded bracelets are debuting three new designs. The selected word honoring mom can be places on white gold-filled beads with black letters, on black beads with gold letters, or on white beads with gold letters. Comfortable to wear, the bracelets are a comfortable choice for moms working through bloating during pregnancy, as well as for those with arthritis. Available in sizes 5.5 through 8 inch, the gold-filled beads do not tarnish or turn color.

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About Bonnie Jennifer

Founded in 2010, Brooklyn designer, Bonnie Jennifer, specializes in purpose-driven jewelry design. Versatile and classic, her pieces are envisioned as staples for an everyday wardrobe. Gold-filled balls are the brand’s signature, for timeless and playful looks.  As a former social worker, and motivated by her love and support for her developmentally disabled sister, Bonnie Jennifer weaves her creative ventures to support philanthropy, partnering with non-profits to donate a percentage of sales back, promoting positive impact through consumer purchases.

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