Patek Philippe Has Changed How It Issues Collateral for Collectors


A new policy from the Patek archives increased in price with stricter guidelines to protect the brand and secondary market buyers.

The purpose of this upgrade is to refocus on the fundamental role of Archive Extracts, namely to provide the information listed in our registers since 1839 on Patek Philippe antique, vintage watches produced or sold until 1989.

The issuing of Extracts from the Archives first began in the 1990s. This service was not created for contemporary Patek Philippe watches. Indeed, upon the purchase of a Patek Philippe timepiece, a Certificate of Origin is issued, providing all the details available (movement, case, and reference numbers) to identify a timepiece.

The Certificate of Origin, the original document accompanying the watch when it is purchased, serves as a birth certificate and warranty and must be kept in a safe place as Patek Philippe does not provide a copy of this document.

The Extract from the Archives should not be intended to replace the Certificate of Origin.

The Extract from the Archives contains the information carefully listed and updated in our registers since 1839 on a specific timepiece, such as the type of watch, caliber, movement number, case number, type of dial, type of bracelet, date of manufacture, and date of sale.

It is not issued in the name of a person, but only associated with the timepiece concerned. This is not proof of ownership.

Other measures announced are also intended to improve the organization and processing of requests relative to our internal management capacity.


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