PhotoScribe Reveals Key Advances to its 2022 Diamond Marking Laser System

PhotoScribe Reveals Key Advances to its 2022 Diamond Marking Laser System

New York, NY. March 15, 2022. Major hardware and software upgrades to PhotoScribe Technologies’ LMS-650 Cold Laser combine to make the industry’s leading diamond inscription system even more powerful and secure in 2022.

“Improvements to the LMS-650 include: boosting security, optimizing the quality, accuracy, and speed of the laser inscription process, and streamlining diamond tracing,” says PhotoScribe Founder and CEO, David Benderly. “We have made hundreds of revisions to our software in the past few years, having integrated it with important hardware upgrades to meet the ongoing and future needs of our clients.”

More specifically, state-of-the-art imaging and digitization upgrades to the LMS-650 include:

  • A new, high-resolution camera that operates seamlessly with PhotoScribe-developed software, generating images with higher contrast and resolution than ever before. There is also an option for automatic image capture of inscribed diamonds with simultaneous generation of an accurate, searchable database for convenient quality assurance and security.
  • The barcode marking and barcode reading capability allow for unique and secure diamond identification, necessary for diamond provenance and diamond journey tracing. Diamonds can now be inscribed with a security mark that cannot be duplicated or forged.
  • A completely redesigned Microsoft Windows 10-compatible user interface that transforms the entire inscription process.

“With its highly intuitive interface and added security and productivity features, our 2022 laser delivers even more value to our customers,” says Benderly.

He further explained that market trends – such as the growth of lab-created diamonds, the consumer’s interest in verified traceability, and supply chain integrity – have made diamond inscription not just an added feature, but a necessity.

“Over the past few years, our customers have requested additional functionality. Today’s 2022 LMS-650 is the answer, with superior, multi-function marking and an authenticating security system that successfully meets the challenges of the worldwide diamond industry market,” says Benderly.

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PhotoScribe is the global leader in designing, manufacturing, and optimizing custom laser systems and technologies for the diamond industry. For three decades, the company has pioneered laser development and cutting-edge technologies. Its lasers are used by the diamond industry’s leading gemological laboratories, as well as mining companies, manufacturers, retailers, and leading brands. PhotoScribe offers unique identification, branding, and fraud protection.

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