Rolex’s 30% Share of Swiss Watch Market

Rolex's 30% Share of Swiss Watch Market

Rolex remains the king of Swiss watches, with more than a 30 per cent share of the market in 2023, according to new research by the investment bank Morgan Stanley and consultants LuxeConsult.

“No other luxury brand can claim such a dominant position in its respective sector,” they say in a new report.

Rolex’s market share is more than next five biggest brands combined: Cartier (8 per cent), Omega (7 per cent), Patek Philippe (6 per cent) Audemars Piguet (5 per cent) and Richard Mille (3 per cent).

Rolex’s revenue for the year are estimated at $11.43bn (CHF 10.1bn). It sold an estimated 1.24m watches last year, at an average cost of $13,832 (CHF 12,218). Second-placed Cartier sold 660,00 watches at an average cost of $6,467 (CHF 5,712).

Total sales of Swiss watches last year returned to pre-Covid levels, up 7.6 per cent year-on-year to $30.23bn (CHF 26.7bn).

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