Sarine Diamond Journey™ to be Used for Enhanced Tracking of CanadaMark™ Diamonds


Sarine Technologies Ltd’s new Sarine Diamond Journey™ will be incorporated on an enhanced CanadaMark™ website to be introduced at the forthcoming Hong Kong International Jewellery Show (1-5 March 2018) by Dominion Diamond Mines ULC (Dominion).

“The CanadaMark™ hallmark programme is Dominion’s strategic initiative to assure the integrity of the supply chain of Canadian diamonds from mine to retail, and gives the end consumers of diamond jewellery confidence in the origin and history of their polished diamonds,” Sarine explained when making the announcement. “The CanadaMark™ programme guarantees the polished diamonds are responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, are natural and untreated; are tracked through audited processes at every stage from country of origin to polished stone and are polished to meet specific quality standards.”

The Sarine Diamond Journey™ was launched by Sarine, leveraging its widespread presence in the diamond industry’s midstream. The Company describes it as “a new captivating visualisation paradigm highlighting for the consumers the creation of their unique diamond”.

Using the new technology, the rough stone can be depicted in all its stages — from rough stone to one-of-a-kind jewel. From the time a diamond is mined, through the planning stages to when it is cut and polished, the technology helps to track it all. “The retail consumer can interact with the presentation to view the stone at all these stages from multiple perspectives,” Sarine added. “This new captivating graphic experience provides the retail customer with insight into the painstaking craftsmanship that went into creating their unique gem and reinforces their confidence in its responsible sourcing and manufacturing.”

Sarine says Dominion has adopted the new Sarine Diamond Journey™ within its CanadaMark™ programme, “to provide consumers with a wealth of information about their polished diamond”. The experience includes the Sarine Profile™ imagery and light performance augmented with documentation of the polished stone’s audited journey from mine to finger.

“The rough stone’s Canadian origin, its weight and estimated age are provided, along with actual imagery of the stone in its raw form and as planned by its CanadaMark™-approved manufacturer,” Sarine said. “The website also provides in-depth information on the commitment to responsible and sustainable operations at all stages of the diamond’s journey – from mine, through polishing, to the consumer.”

David Block, Chief Executive Officer of Sarine, stated, “We are honored that our industry-leading technologies have been selected by Dominion for their new initiative. For a diamond producer to launch comprehensive documentation of the diamond’s journey in the striking visual format that Dominion has implemented, is sure to set a new standard in consumer transparency. We believe this is another major step in creating a completely new retail diamond buying experience, where brands can enhance themselves to create an on-going engagement with their customers that transcends historic channels. The Sarine Diamond Journey™ will play a key role in enhancing Sarine’s retail-oriented data services.”

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