Sarine Technologies Launches Advanced Lab Services at Bharat Diamond Bourse for BDB Members


The Sarine Lab Services at BDB provide pregrading to ascertain Light/Cut grade for sorting purposes and are provided for free. If a report is required, this can be obtained with an additional fee. Light Performance results are analyzed via the Sarine Light™ system and Cut grade measurement is determined with the Sarine DiaMension ® HD system.

The new Sarine Lab Services were officially launched on August 12 th at a Grand Opening event, arranged with the endorsement of the BDB committee and with the participation of Mr. Mehul Shah, Vice President of the Bharat Diamond Bourse. Sarine’s close connection to the Indian diamond industry spans 30 years. Therefore, the company was delighted when they were approached by the BDB committee to see how they could help its members, both large and small, stay competitive and capture new opportunities. Together, the BDB Committee and Sarine decided to take necessary action, allowing any BDB member free access to lab services that can help them add value for their customers.

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, reflected that, “We are thrilled to open the new Lab Services center at the BDB, making the lab experience accessible for BDB members. Our partnership with the BDB committee and members is a source of pride for Sarine, as we work together to advance the industry into the 21st century.”

BDB Vice President Mr Mehul Shah stated, “It is our duty as the BDB Committee to bring the latest technologies and solutions to all our members, to help them remain competitive and at the forefront of innovation. We appreciate Sarine’s long-term commitment and efforts to take the industry forward especially during challenging times.”

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