More Large Diamonds from Lulo as it Recovers its Ninth +100 Ct Diamond


Lucapa Diamond Company Limited announced the recovery of yet more large diamonds from its Lulo Diamond Project in Angola.

“The latest recoveries include diamonds weighing 103 carats and 83 carats, both of which were recovered from Mining Block 8,” the Company reported. “The 103 carat light brown diamond and 83 carat Type IIa diamond continue to evidence the special nature and potential of the Lulo resource.”

The recovery of the 103 carat diamond makes it the ninth +100 carat gem to be mined from Lulo to date. The largest diamond from Lulo being the 404 carat 4th February Stone which sold for US$16 million in 2016, and which holds the record for being the biggest diamond from Angola, Lucapa said.

“The latest large stone recoveries follow the recovery in November 2017 of two exceptional Type IIa D-colour gems weighing 129 carats and 78 carats,” Lucapa reiterated.

Pic Cap: The 103 carat light brown diamond

Pic Courtesy: Lucapa Diamond Company Limited

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