Teen Returns $20,000 Jewels Found in Jacket Pocket

Teen Returns $20,000 Jewels Found in Jacket Pocket
Screengrabs, courtesy CBSBoston.com, show Luke wearing the jacket and the diamond rings.

A teenager collected a jacket from his school’s clothing donation program . . . and found two diamond rings, two Gucci watches and an emerald bracelet inside a pocket.

Luke Coelho, 17, from Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, set about tracing the rightful owner. Thankfully the jacket bore the name Dave and the logo of a uniform services company.

They were the clues that allowed Luke, recently moved from Brazil, and his aunt, to turn detective.

The watches and jewelry, valued at $20,000 were later reunited with owner Dave Kenney, a retired truck driver who said his late wife must have hidden the haul.

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