The Antwerp World Diamond Centre and Ars Nobilis join forces

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre and Ars Nobilis join forces

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and Ars Nobilis, Belgium’s – only – umbrella organization for the country’s jewelry manufacturing and retail sectors, announced they will “join forces.” AWDC explained in an email that “the members of Ars Nobilis will be able to call upon the services of the AWDC regarding legal advice, training, communication, and security,” and that the two organizations would cooperate to “advocate for the interests of all diamond traders and jewelers in Belgium.”

The cooperation between AWDC and Ars Nobilis has been long coming and is the result of the “verticalization” of the diamond and jewelry supply chain. In its message, AWDC wrote that the “AWDC will increase its sphere of influence by not only working B2B but also B2C as well. The two sectors are closely related, which makes it only logical that our organizations should join forces. Working together with jewelers is the ideal way for a wholesale trade center to keep its finger on the pulse of consumers.”

AWDC noted that by taking this step “Belgium joins those diamond trade centers that represent the jewelry sector in addition to the diamond industry. This collaboration will enable the AWDC to increase its significance and presence in the international jewelry sector.”

NewsSource: idexonline

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