The Fairmined Gold Flora Collection, by Christina Malle, Brings Attention to Transparency in Artisanal Mining

Malle Fairmined 18 Karat Gold Leaf Jewelry for the Flora Collection
Malle Fairmined 18 Karat Gold Leaf Jewelry for the Flora Collection

Newly launched, the Christina Malle Flora Collection is inspired by flowers that Fairmined Miners encounter in Colombia and Peru.

New York, NY. October 19, 2022.  This year,  Fairmined Official, an initiative powered by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) developed the Fairmined 100 Challenge. By encouraging the development of 100 jewelry collections using Fairmined certified metals, a call for positive impact from the trade was made. Empowering artisanal miners who source responsibly, the Fairmined assurance label is given when there is a guarantee of fair prices, an investment in social development and environmental protection, and legitimate government cooperation. Former human rights attorney, goldsmith and gemologist Christina Malle designs collections with traceability at the forefront. Always questioning the materials, she is an industry leader who examines how to continue improving the supply chain and provide accountability. The Flora Collection is her Fairmined Challenge collection. Its aesthetic is drawn from images of the flora surrounding the Fairmined mines in Colombia and Peru.

“We as makers and consumers can no longer pretend not to know the conditions that set the backdrop for ‘luxury’ products, such as gold jewelry. One wonders: is it time for a new definition of ‘luxury?’ An alternative definition that comes to mind is: the creation of beauty that supports, rather than harms, people and planet,” says Christina Malle. “Paying fair prices to miners may be the largest part of the respect equation. Fairmined provides the transparency and the assurances that my goal of creating beautiful jewelry is harmonious with people and planet, is met.”

There are eleven elegant pieces in the newly launched Flora Collection. Elegantly set entirely in 18K Fairmined gold, the Longflower necklace, Leaf earrings, Leaf pendant and Leaf ring are classic styles, perfect for every day. The Amethyst Leaf earrings and Emerald Leaf bracelet are both set with previously mined Brazilian gemstones, reminiscent of the South American mining roots of the gold. Malle has also included two pearl pieces in the collection. The first is the Gold Berry Leaf Sea of Cortez Pearls earrings. An environmental success story, Sea of Cortez pearls are incredibly rare, with exceptional colors, traceable to the Mexican source. The Sea of Cortez was so heavily polluted, it barely sustained oysters, but now that the water has become cleaner, oysters are thriving and help keep the water clean, while producing stunning pearls. Malle also designed the Berry Leaf necklace as part of Flora, featuring a single Tahitian South Sea Pearl on a Fairmined 18K gold chain.


“Fairmined miners mitigate their environmental impact, which is another rare and welcome assurance among gold miners; it is reassuring to know that the miners protect the flora of their regions,” says Christina Malle. “This is atypical of gold miners around the world, and an important part of the Fairmined compact.”

“We are very excited to see Christina Malle launch her Flora collection and tell the story of Fairmined gold. People don’t know the origin of the gold they consume, and responsible mines free of conflict and pollution are a minority. Supporting Fairmined mines means a lot, for instance mercury-free rivers, gender equality project development, and even more opportunities for mining communities besides mining,” says Olga Lucía Rojas, Communications Officer, Alliance for Responsible Mining.

As a Board Member of Ethical Metalsmiths and the Women’s Jewelry Association NY Metro Chapter, and part of Pure Earth’s Jewelry Industry Action Committee, Malle brainstorms initiatives to further raise awareness among colleagues and consumers. Her Flora Collection honors the legacy and positive impact of responsible artisanal mining, while offering traceable origins.

The Flora Collection is officially launching in-person at The Jewelry Edit Pop-Up, through October 29th, at 485 Park Avenue, New York, NY, featuring Fairmined Gold designers. To learn more about Christina Malle and to view her jewelry collections online, visit Contact the designer directly by email at, or call 917-488-9338.

About Christina Malle Jewelry 

Christina Malle, G.G., is a classically trained goldsmith, who uses the finest materials to hand fabricate, or cast in small editions and hand finish, her timeless and elegant jewelry collections. A former human rights attorney, Christina uses Fairmined Gold or actual post-consumer recycled gold, and gemstones traceable to the source. She is a board member of Ethical Metalsmiths and writes a recurring column for The Source, to raise awareness on issues related to responsible sourcing. She serves on the board of the NY Metro Chapter of the Women’s Jewelry Association and was an original advisor to the Mercury Free Mining Group, the latter of which is working to remove mercury from artisanal and small-scale gold mining communities. Her fine jewelry features 18K gold, sterling silver, and the finest gemstones. For more information, visit

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