Third Webinar in the Series, Boldly Building the Future, will be Hosted this Month, “Climate and the Precious Metals Industry: Defining and Measuring Your Emissions Footprint”

Third Webinar in the Series, Boldly Building the Future, will be Hosted this Month, “Climate and the Precious Metals Industry: Defining and Measuring Your Emissions Footprint”

The webinar, a collaboration between Initiatives in Art and Culture and Mark Hanna, follows February’s conversation, The Jewelry Industry: Perspectives on the Journey to Net Zero.

New York, NY. April 13, 2022. Greenhouse gases produced by human activity have caused the earth’s temperature to rise, creating a domino effect that leaders are working to mitigate worldwide. In the precious metals, gem and jewelry sectors, climate change is an ongoing challenge, with a need for more companies to implement protocols and methods that measure emissions, as well as carbon footprint. On April 20, 2022, from 12:15-1:45 PM EDT, Initiatives in Art and Culture and Mark Hanna will host the webinar, “Climate and the Precious Metals Industry: Defining and Measuring Your Emissions Footprint,” the third conversation in a series devoted to climate within this decade of action. Industry experts will discuss calculating emissions to achieve science-based targets.

The panel will cover emissions across a wide scope, covering company-owned and company-controlled resources, indirect emissions, and emissions from purchased energy, as well as indirect emissions linked to company operations. Lisa Koenigsberg, President of Initiatives in Art and Culture, says, “Climate change is an urgency of our time. Being able to address this challenge requires an understanding of definitions, methods of measurement and science-based targets. In this webinar, our goal is to share this critical information so individuals can develop an understanding of actions to be taken to mitigate peril faced by our planet.”

The panel will offer the authoritative perspectives of: Tobias Schultz, Vice President of Research and Development, SCS Global Services; John Mulligan Director and Climate Change Lead, The World Gold Council (WGC); and will be co-moderated by Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Richline Group Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Company, and Lisa Koenigsberg, President and Founder, Initiatives in Art and Culture (IAC). Tobias Schultz leads a team of scientists and innovators in developing science-based sustainability standards and services to support global climate mitigation and ESG corporate best practices, including the development of a standardized process to trace the diamond provenance and an approach to climate accounting, which enables corporations to mitigate short-lived climate pollutants. Mulligan is focused on research-led projects to advance the understanding of gold’s wider socio-economic and sustainability impacts, currently leading the World Gold Council’s initiatives on gold and climate change. Hanna has worked over 50 years in the jewelry industry, with experience in management, manufacturing, marketing, sales and corporate responsibility. Koenigsberg established Initiatives in Art and Culture’s multi-disciplinary conference series on visual culture, notably those that focus on gold and diamonds and explore the nexus between natural resources, artisanry, sustainability and responsible practice.

The Boldly Building the Future Series offers conversations aimed at global transformation. Emissions measurements are used to discern the importance of a given source, in relation to other sources, and to assess the performance of control strategies. Their understanding and implementation are critical, allowing governments and businesses to undertake solving the global climate emergency.  The expertise and insights shared by knowledgeable authorities during this conversation ensures that the webinar will enlighten even the most seasoned industry veterans.

Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer of Richline Group, says, “Climate impact management has gone from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’, and the roadmap to priority is the materiality of a company’s strategy and financial success.”

During the conversation, Schultz, Mulligan, Hanna, and Koenigsberg will define sources for attendees, as well as options for measuring emissions. Speakers will discuss how they and their companies measure emissions and how those numbers have become a call to further action. Through reporting, companies take the first step towards managing their environmental footprint.

All those participating in the jewelry supply chain are encouraged to join this virtual tour de force of methodology sharing and innovative thinking, in support of our planet and its resources. For complimentary registration to attend “Climate and the Precious Metals Industry: Defining and Measuring Your Emissions Footprint” click here. The virtual event is sponsored by Richline Group, Sustainability Sherpas, and Initiatives in Art and Culture. To learn more about Initiatives in Art and Culture, visit, call 646-485-1952, or email

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IAC’s primary activities are conferences, webinars, publications, and exhibitions that take an interdisciplinary approach, considering issues related to fabrication, connoisseurship, cultural patrimony and preservation, and the future of culture. IAC’s projects have been supported by a wide array of individual, corporate, and foundation funders.

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