Why Handmade Jewelry is Timeless

Why Handmade Jewelry is Timeless

Everyone loves jewelry, but not each piece is created equal. Handmade jewelry is quite popular today. Not because it can sometimes be cheaper, but because of the value those makers infuse into each piece they make. It is safe to say that handmade pieces are simply timeless, no matter the quality and materials used, but for other much better reasons.

The Value of Time

When it comes to handmade jewelry, as it is in their name, those pieces are all made by hand – no mass production and no machinery involved. It takes a great amount of time to create just one piece of handmade jewelry and that is why it is even more valuable. Creating and designing just one piece can often take up to a few weeks and the jeweler making it is putting in a lot of effort and skill, making it a priceless and timeless piece.


Since every piece of handmade jewelry requires care and skill, the makers are almost always using materials of great quality. You can never know the exact type of materials and alloys used in mass produced items, furthermore corporations tend to use cheaper materials in order to save some money but make more jewelry. That is why handmade pieces are of greater value and sourced from reputable suppliers.

What is more, a person making their own jewelry will often carefully pick the accessories and pendants for them. They will even go to great extents to create some unique pieces. For example, when it comes to the gorgeous silver elite shungite necklace making process, all the silver chains are handmade, while the elite shungite pendants are hand-picked for each piece and carefully carved and polished.

They are All Sustainable

Since there is no mass production, every jewelry maker will dedicate enough time to find sustainable materials and their sources. Most of them won’t settle with shady suppliers and unethical sources, and that is why you can also be sure your jewelry is of great quality and it did not make a negative impact on the environment. And since makers are putting in their time, love, and skills into each piece, they will always make sure they are healthy, sustainable, and of great quality.

Made locally and with Love

Today, more and more people are looking for ways to support local economies, and buying handmade jewelry is one great way to do it. When buying locally made jewelry, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint and you are supporting local artisans that are also doing their best to protect the environment. Besides this, all makers are infusing their love and energy in each piece of their work and there is big value behind that. Plus, you will value your handmade pieces more because you know how much effort and love someone used to make that exact piece, and it is sustainable and local. Not to mention how unique each handmade piece is!

There are many reasons why you should invest more into handmade jewelry. Besides being unique, absolutely gorgeous, and made with love, each piece supports small local businesses and is simply timeless.

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