5 Reasons Why Diamonds are the Best Gemstones for Making an Engagement Ring

5 Reasons Why Diamonds are the Best Gemstones for Making an Engagement Ring

According to Grand View Research, the global diamond market will hit a value of over $123 billion come 2030, and for a good reason. Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. They’re rare and precious, and they last forever. When you think about it, there’s no better way to show your commitment than with a diamond engagement ring.

As per DiamondSE’s recent update, a 1-carat diamond costs around $6,000. Thus, a diamond ring is a huge investment. Therefore, it’s only logical that you learn why these gemstones are widely preferred when it comes to engagement rings.

Having said that, here are five reasons why diamonds are the best gemstones for making an engagement ring:

#1 Diamonds are Durable

You’re not the only one who thinks diamonds are special. For thousands of years, diamonds have been considered the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. Why? Because they’re practically indestructible.

Diamonds are strong enough to withstand water, heat, and pressure, making them perfect for everyday wear. Plus, if you do happen to get a little dirt on any of your diamond rings, just give it a quick scrub with some soap and water. They are super easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about getting them permanently dirty or smudged.

#2 Diamonds are Timeless

When it comes to choosing the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring, diamonds are, without a doubt, the best choice. When done right, even lab-created diamonds feel and look timeless. Buying them from the right place will make them look as if they were completely natural.

Diamonds are not only the most popular gemstone for engagement rings, but they’re also the most popular gemstone for wedding rings and anniversary rings. Whether you choose an anniversary band with one stone or an engagement ring with multiple diamonds, these beautiful gems will stand up to any occasion while remaining timeless forever.

#3 Diamonds Symbolize Eternal Love

One of the main reasons diamonds are such a popular choice for engagement rings is because they symbolize eternal love. Diamonds have been used as engagement rings since the Victorian era and are still today considered a sign of commitment and devotion.

When you give someone a diamond ring, they will know that it’s your way of saying that you want to spend the rest of your life together. That’s why so many people choose to wear their diamond ring on their left hand when they get married, even though it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being engaged anymore.

Diamonds also represent eternity because they’re extremely hard. They can only be scratched by another diamond or other very hard substance like glass or steel alloyed with carbon. This means that if anyone tries to damage your precious gemstone by scratching it up or otherwise damaging it in any way, chances are good that there won’t be any damage done whatsoever.

#4 Diamonds are Rare

Diamonds are some of the rarest gemstones in the world. They are mined from deep within the earth’s crust. The most well-known diamond mining locations include Russia and Botswana. South Africa, too, is well-known for its diamonds. One particular piece of diamond is recently making headlines as this South African diamond is now in possession of the British Royal Family, and the South Africans want it back.

Diamonds form from carbon atoms that have been compressed under enormous pressure for millions of years within some of Earth’s deepest rock formations. Diamonds are one of the hardest known materials on Earth, second only to another precious stone, moissanite.

Because of this hardness, diamonds can maintain their beautiful appearance without being scratched or chipped easily over time.

#5 A Diamond is More Meaningful Than Other Gemstones

Some gemstones are more difficult to extract from the earth than others. Diamonds, for example, are rare. Unlike other gems that can be found in abundance on the surface of the earth’s crust (such as quartz), diamonds have to be extracted from deep underground, where they’re formed under high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Diamonds also have an extremely high melting point of 3,500 degrees Celsius (about 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit). They are virtually indestructible because they do not burn or melt at these temperatures. They only break down into smaller pieces if you put them under tremendous heat and pressure conditions like those found inside the Earth’s mantle or heart layer.

Arranging diamond stones on a platinum band or one made with white gold will help uplift its true beauty and essence. You can buy around three or five 1-carat diamonds and arrange them on the band to symbolize your love, or just go with a single-piece arrangement. Either way, the symbolism will stay intact because that’s just how diamond gemstones are.

Diamonds are the classic choice for engagement rings, and for a good reason. As explained above, there can be no doubt that diamonds are indeed the perfect gemstones for making engagement rings.

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