Ace jewellery forecaster Paola De Luca conducts 2nd module of Design Workshop

Paola De Luca

The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) conducted the 2nd module of Design Workshop led by jewellery forecaster Paola De Luca. This unique design workshop will be held on 10-11 October at Bharat Diamond Bourse, Mumbai. The theme of the workshop is Stories and Storytelling with key focus on Curating and Merchandising in the Digital Era.Jewellery manufacturers, retailers and jewellery designers attended this interesting workshop and gained important insights from jewellery influencer Paola.

Familiar with the jewellery industry in India, Paola began by acknowledging that India has some of the finest manufacturing techniques with respect to jadau and enameled pieces. However it lacks product merchandising and is quite fragmented as an industry. “International buyers complain that retailers in India want to see numerous products but end up selecting only limited quantities.In order to keep up with retailer demands, wholesalers have to maintain large inventories with considerable investments. Quantity is not quality. It is this principle that forms the foundation of this module.” Paola said.

She then explained that curation is one of the newest catchphrases of this generation as a curator offers an unparalleled expertise to the client from their own experience. In jewelllery curation, the curator need not be a jewelllery designer or manufacturer. Rather he or she will bring her unique aesthetic experience to the table, thus giving varied perspectives. Many retailers do not purchase jewelllery from one particular manufacturer. Instead they create moodboards or collections based on a singular idea or concepts and select those pieces that align with the chosen concept. The session also had a lively interactive session where the audience was encouraged to ask questions, share their personal experiences and interesting annecdotes on the jewellery industry.

New Source : diamondworld

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