DMCC Publishes Arabic Language Diamond Terminology Guideline

DMCC Publishes Arabic Language Diamond Terminology Guideline

With its publication in Arabic, “The Diamond Terminology Guideline” is now available in 10 languages. The latest version, which was published by the DMCC, ensures unity in diamond terminology across Arabic-speaking countries.

The guideline sets a universal standard for the diamond and jewelry trade when communicating about diamonds and laboratory-grown diamonds. It is also designed to eliminate confusion among industry bodies, organisations and traders around the origins of a specific stone.

“This is a positive and inclusive step forward for the diamond industry,” said Ahmed Bin Sulayem, executive chairman and CEO of the DMCC.

“The diamond trade in Arabic-speaking nations is both dynamic and growing, and it was important for DMCC to ensure that this standardized terminology was available in Arabic. Produced in Dubai, the publication also points to the ‘differentiation, detection and disclosure’ policy that underpins the diamond trade in this city,” he said.

The Guideline is built on two internationally recognized standards: the ISO 18323 Standard (“Jewellery – Consumer confidence in the diamond industry”) and the CIBJO Diamond Blue Book.

News Source: idexonline

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