Everlee Unveils Three Cutting-Edge Collections At Upcoming Luxury By JCK Show

Everlee Unveils Three Cutting-Edge Collections At Upcoming Luxury By Jck Show

Everlee Jewelry, a jewelry brand under the umbrella of Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds, is set to debut three new fashion collections at the upcoming Luxury by JCK show. Known for the use of lab diamonds in fashion jewelry, Everlee’s latest creations promise to captivate with their avant-garde designs and incorporation of a semi-precious gemstone.

As one of the select lab diamond focused jewelry brands at Luxury by JCK, Everlee embodies a modern design ethos and delivers added value for retailers. The new collections epitomize the brand’s dedication to trend-forward aesthetics, making them a must-see for attendees seeking the latest in lab diamonds and diamond fashion jewelry.

“We are thrilled about the newest collections launching at JCK!” said Ahna Shmuel, Brand Director at Everlee Jewelry. “Our designs are distinctly different from what you currently see in the lab grown finished jewelry arena, we intentionally break away from the traditional bread and butter, aiming to create pieces that resonate with fashion-forward modern luxury seekers.”

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