Evil Eye Jewelry: What Does it Mean & Why is it So Popular?

Evil Eye Jewelry

Beautiful jewelry makes a stunning accent to any style. However, it doesn’t always garner looks of adoration, but rather glares of envy. Evil Eye jewelry remedies these jealous stares with protective energy to deflect ill intentions and draw welcome positive attention.

As a bit of bling or eye candy, jewelry draws stares. While setting trends with ear bobbles, necklace pendants, and bracelet strands attracts attention, that doesn’t always translate to admiration. In fact, the penetrating power of a stare – or glare or ogle or leer – can direct evil vibes full of jealousy and bad wishes that zap the bejeweled wearer of confidence and esteem that is deserved of a style pioneer.

The tradition of jewelry wearing began millennia ago, often as a right of the aristocracy and an illegal action for common people. While royalty decked their bodies in precious gemstones and artful designs, the rest of society could only look on with envy, and that meant that the high class needed protection from the incredibly powerful eyes of the people.

They found this in the symbol of the Evil Eye, and thus, Evil Eye jewelry has taken its mantle as a timeless talisman that wards off ill intentions, jealousy, and malevolent stares even today.

Meaning of the Evil Eye

Each culture has its own definition of evil energy and unique remedies that use the symbolic Evil Eye. Before diving into some of the fascinating traditions, let’s get to know the idea of the look itself and how Evil Eye jewelry fights back with protective, cleansing energy.

The Bad: Three Evil Eyes

To understand the beliefs that underpin the Evil Eye talisman, we need to think about three different forms of evil eyes that look upon another with bad intention.

At one level, the unconscious evil eye refers to the transfer of unintended bad wishes. Perhaps we envy and lust after someone’s precious jewelry. We don’t wish to rip a necklace from their neck or for them to lose their beautiful heirloom, but because our thoughts are negative and born out of someone else’s presence, it channels evil energy that way, unintentionally.

The second evil eye has a much more sinister direction that is meant to harm. This happens when the thoughts of a person rest in the destruction or injury of another. Even if the person isn’t physically gazing at another person, the notion of the divine gaze from the spiritual third eye can be wielded to envision and direct evil messages and intentions at someone else.

A third iteration of the evil eye returns somewhat to the first meaning in that, while we may not intentionally send harm to another, even the negative thoughts we have toward another person radiates evil energy into the world.

The Good: A Protective Evil Eye

It might be confusing at first, but the remedy for the three evil eyes is a symbol that returns the gaze of the evil eye. When worn as Evil Eye jewelry, this symbol deflects bad wishes and evil thoughts directed at the wearer. It realigns energy that surrounds it to an equilibrium that can welcome positive intention and thought.

The guardian Evil Eye doesn’t return bad energy back to the sender in a vicious cycle of evil. Instead, its supreme purpose rests in giving protection to the person willing to trust in its power and carry it with them. By understanding that the Evil Eye offers security, we can use it to grow confident and strong in the face of all obstacles.

Thus, the Evil Eye has a universal application as a totem of luck, strength, and protection. That’s why it is such a popular charm, pendant, and symbol to incorporate in everyday jewelry styles.

How Evil Eye Jewelry Works

Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye jewelry meaning resonates no matter if you’re wearing a bracelet, ring, necklace, anklet, or earrings that are accented with this epic symbol. However, when we think about jewelry as talismans or healing tools, we can dive deeper into how these pieces can specifically address particular issues in our lives.

Evil Eye Bracelets

Allowing powerful crystal beads and gorgeously crafted Evil Eye charms to embrace your wrists offers incredible protection for the wearer. Because of how our arms rest by our sides, bracelets send important energy most directly to our root chakra, the region of our pelvis and hips, as well as the sacral chakra beneath our naval.

In spiritual and holistic healing techniques, a healthy, energized root chakra provides stability and balance through grounding and mindfulness. Thus, bracelets decorated with Evil Eye pendants protect our roots and foundation from destructive thoughts meant to knock us off balance.

When your jewelry contains additional healing stones like Hematite and Garnet, you’ll arm yourself with added doses of rooted intention.

Necklaces with the Evil Eye

Necklaces hang in the region of our heart space, so when we wear jewelry empowered with the Evil Eye talisman and crystal stones, we send healing energy and protection to our heart chakra as well as the neighboring solar plexus and throat chakras.

Evil Eye Jewelry

By giving attention to these spiritual areas, the Evil Eye guards our passions and dreams that we hold dear from evil or envy sent our way. Teamed with Rose Quartz or Jade, the Evil Eye extends its protective quality to our relationships and loved ones.

The Evil Eye in Earrings

Wearing Evil Eye jewelry in the realm of our upper chakras, like the third eye and crown, helps us to curb our own abilities to send evil from our thoughts. Amethyst and Labradorite crystals combined with the Evil Eye symbol in a set of earrings can help alter your perspective to think more positively and to access spiritual wisdom that will guide your thoughts in a direction of growth and understanding.

Evil Eye Jewelry Across Cultures

In much of modern society, withstanding some more repressive political regimes, anyone can freely wear jewelry. Still the notion of the Evil Eye – so intricately tied to jewelry – has important cultural relevance in different parts of the world.

Let’s look at some fascinating ways the Evil Eye has gained importance in certain regions of the globe…

Europe & the Mediterranean

Some of the earliest evidence places the idea of evil eye power in Greek and Roman ancient civilizations. Through texts and archaeology, researchers have found indication of the notion of bad looks directed at greedy or over-adored people.

One of the most recognizable representations of the protective Evil Eye amulet pervades Turkish culture. The deep blue glass eye with white and blue rings in its iris has served as a protective charm in jewelry, home decor, and chains and has made its way as a popular souvenir for those who visit Istanbul and the rest of the region.

The Evil Eye in North Africa

While the Mediterranean cultures present compelling evidence of the origins of evil eye beliefs, these ideas may have actually started in Egypt and spread from there. In hieroglyphics, symbols have appeared with striking resemblance to the Turkish and European Evil Eye symbols, yet they are dated much, much earlier.

Also, the common – though not universal – blue color of the protective Evil Eye may originate in the actual earth of Egypt. Egyptian mud that contains high levels of oxides like copper and cobalt turns blue when first glazed and baked as pottery.

Cultures that extend through North Africa include several strongly rooted Islamic societies which have their own traditions wrapped around the evil eye. In many Islamic cultures, people use phrases that invoke the will of God to deflect jealousy and bad thoughts, especially when complimenting or fawning over young children.

South Asian Belief in the Evil Eye

Evil Eye jewelry meaning is a bit different in the South Asian context, in the areas of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, as well as Southeast and East Asian cultures. Even so, the belief in the power of evil looks and the strength of talismans aimed to scare away ill intentions permeates society.

In some cases, Evil Eye protection in South Asian culture comes in the form of black marks, where the color acts almost like a black hole to siphon bad thoughts from entering a person’s aura. Babies are often seen with dark eyeliner applied around their eyes to keep evil gazes from their eyes, and some young women place a black dot behind their ear or other conspicuous location to ensure protection.

You can also find strikingly similar totems to other regions of the world in the shapes and details of the Evil Eye when included in charms on traditional jewelry.

Evil Eye Jewelry

Final Thoughts

By incorporating spiritual practices into your everyday wear, you can carry healing energy with you everywhere you go. Timeless concepts and traditions that surround Evil Eye culture can truly instill new understanding about how energies sent from others who glance our way can affect our own wellbeing.

Including a few stunning Evil Eye jewelry pieces in your wardrobe will connect you to ancient protective practices, giving you incredible strength and confidence in your day-to-day life.


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