Fabergé Presents the Dalliance GemAddict Timepiece

Fabergé Presents the Dalliance GemAddict Timepiece

The Dalliance GemAddict is a unique timepiece with a one-carat gemstone where others have the hour and minute hands.

Fabergé has unveiled the Dalliance GemAddict – the latest in Fabergé’s long tradition of reinventing bespoke timepieces. The Dalliance collection is powered by a mechanical movement unique to Fabergé. The watch hands travel around the edge rather than the center of the Grand Feu enamel face, creating a space where other watches place mechanics. This ingenious formation allows a centerpiece for the brand’s hallmark: a Fabergé surprise, choosing here to frame a stunning one-carat gemstone.

“The Dalliance GemAddict is a jewellery watch for customers who are looking to carry a piece of art, beautifully executed with the highest level of craftsmanship, on their wrist,” Aurélie Picaud, Fabergé’s timepieces director explains. “Fabergé’s tradition of creativity, ingenuity, and surprise is expressed throughout this timepiece – from the state-of-the-art take on a traditional mechanical movement to the Grand Feu enamel, Gemfields rubies and the space for the wearer’s unique customised artwork. Fabergé has always created bespoke gifts. With Dalliance GemAddict, we twinned that enduring legacy with the dedication and craft of the finest Swiss watchmakers to create this unique piece.”

Comprising hundreds of parts assembled by hand, the movement was developed by award-winning Geneva watchmaker Agenhor based on Fabergé’s design for open display space at the center of the watches face. Fabergé’s commitment to a legacy of inimitable bespoke pieces means the customer can choose their one-carat gemstone, perfectly expressing their own creative flair. Here the Dalliance GemAddict celebrates a one-carat diamond, one of nature’s great artworks – but the only limit is imagination. Fabergé’s link with Gemfields, the world leading suppliers of responsibly sourced gemstones means an array of exemplary Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds are within reach.

This commitment to design is straight from the heart of the Faberge story. From the moment Peter Carl Fabergé established his artist-jewellers salon in St Petersburg to serve the aristocrats of the Russian court, the company has worked with skilled artisans to produce unique pieces.

The combination of precision and beauty that can be seen in the Dalliance GemAddict was inspired by a Fabergé clock made over 100 years ago and recently rediscovered in the company’s archives. The central space on this enchanting century-old dial could house tiny works of art, just as Fabergé eggs held a surprise.

Today’s Dalliance GemAddict is perfect for those addicted to the allure of gemstones. It features a bezel set with Mozambican rubies, each carefully selected by expert gemmologists for their natural beauty and perfectly matched hue, saturation and tone; a combination of the most vibrant red tone and a flawless crystal, cut in bespoke shapes to fit effortlessly around the bezel, making this circle of rubies a hypnotic parenthesis framing the watch.

Rubies from Gemfields Montepuez Ruby Mine in Mozambique were forged by heat and extreme pressure over 500 million years ago, discovered just recently in 2009. The mine is world-leading in responsible practices, ensuring a positive impact by benefiting the nation as well as the communities that surround it. To date, proceeds from ruby auctions have facilitated the creation of schools, mobile health clinics, and projects to establish sustainable livelihoods for thousands of families.

NewSource: diamondworld.net

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