Fei Liu Fine Jewellery seizes the day with campaign to drive younger customers into retail stores


Fei Liu Fine Jewellery is supporting its retail partners with a national online competition this autumn in what is a first for the Birmingham-based designer brand.

The company’s Carpe Diem collection, which will be stocked by over 30 retailers across the UK, will be the feature of a promotional campaign in Hello! magazine to help jewellers connect with their customers and encourage younger consumers to visit their local retail jeweller in person or online.

The promotional campaign will begin on 23 October, with a two-week competition on the magazine’s website.

At the same time, retailers up and down the country will launch co-ordinated individual competitions which will run across their social media platforms and in stores for one month.

Designer Fei Liu says: “My new Carpe Diem collection, which means ‘seize the day’, is all about reminding people that if you love someone you need to tell them today – that’s what life is about! It is a celebration of love and life through the motifs of fireworks and it’s already had a very positive reaction from retailers.

“Each of our retail partners in the UK will be given a special piece of jewellery from the Carpe Diem collection to give away as a competition prize for their customers in a nationally co-ordinated competition aimed at creating interest in this new jewellery collection and generating personal stories of hope and courage that each retailer can share with their customers.”

Each Fei Liu Fine Jewellery stockist will ask customers through their social media channels to nominate a friend, colleague or family member they think deserves an award for being an absolute star this year.

Customers will then nominate their star hero to win a piece of Carpe Diem jewellery in time for Christmas.

“We believe that this competition and social media campaign will be a great support to help our retailers sell this collection alongside messages of love, hope and courage, which is the message behind the Carpe Diem collection design,” said Fei Liu.

The Carpe Diem collection of 16 SKUs has retail prices that range from £80 to £580, while three different looks within the collection are designed to appeal to all age groups.

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