Genève | Vivarium Quartet Theme : Stirring Emotions | 3 – 6 November 2022

Genève Vivarium Quartet Theme Stirring Emotions 3 - 6 November 2022

GENEVA, 2 NOVEMBER 2022 – The theme running through the work of the four individual,  independent designer-jewellers in the Vivarium Quartet is EMOTION. The work, while all  completely different, showcases a major design trend as identified by Vivarium curator,  jewellery historian. Vivienne Becker.  

“I believe we are at a major turning point in contemporary jewellery design. Themes and motifs, the  narrative of jewellery are no longer about figurative representation, naturalism or straightforward  storytelling, but about stylised design that generates the emotions we experience when we see a  particular motif, a flower, plant or leaf, the emotive message of a particular story. The stylisation of  motifs stimulates the imagination, making a deeply personal, emotional connection between jewel  and wearer.” Vivienne Becker 

For Alix Dumas, this is particularly important as she aims to  recreate the responses evoked in her personally, by the sight of crisp autumn leaves, a rolling wave, or by the contemplation of eternity in the Mobius line. “Each jewel tells part of me,” she says.

The ribbons and bows of Philippe Lauras are alive with movement and energy, conjuring associations of femininity and vitality, making the most classical of motifs modern.  

While into her intricate storytelling jewels, Elena Okutova weaves a sense of discovery, magical revelation and nostalgia,  drawing us into other worlds.

Finally, at GemGenève this November, Alexandra Jefford, arch-modernist with an unmistakable  graphic style, unveils a series of new jewels that express her love for her late mother, deeply  emotive, telling of the preciousness of memories.  

Alexandra explains in her own words:  

“Susan’s five : 

I was thinking that all I thought about was what my mother would have liked. Having said that she loved everything I made and always looked on in amazement when I showed  her my pieces, if I may say that. 

She had a real mothers pride and gave me the space and the encouragement to make and do what  I wanted and always said and reminded me of my talents. Lucky me. 

I have thought about her everyday since she left. So this is my mini homage to her, these 5 pieces, it  is modest like her, restrained and fun. and a bit of a twist of something classic and timeless like her. She was a huge inspiration to me and created these ripples of love all around her.

She loved plain gold, and simple beautiful designs, she wore her jewellery everyday, changing each day for something fresh and beautiful. She took great care with everything she had and wore. I think she would have loved this one and this little dedication would have made her burst with pride.”

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