Hidden Gems: 8 Reasons to Support Small Jewelry Businesses

Hidden Gems: 8 Reasons to Support Small Jewelry Businesses
image: pexels/Alexey Demidov

Jewelry can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, but to local business owners and their customers, it’s so much more. While chain stores located in high-traffic malls and shopping centers offer convenience and predictability, local stores are the ideal place to go if you’re in search of something a little different.

While the COVID-19 pandemic placed many locally-owned companies under threat of closure, the growing demand for handmade, artisanal products stayed strong, creating a drive to support small business. If you have yet to be convinced, here are eight more reasons to consider buying local when shopping for jewelry.

1.  Investing in the Local Economy

Small businesses add color and variety to communities as well as the overall shopping experience.  This is as true for small towns as it is for major cities, so whether you’re in search of Boston, Chicago or New Orleans jewelry retailers, it’s worth hunting down those hidden gems amongst the better-known big-name brands.

2.  Promoting Sustainability

While big businesses are beginning to catch up, small businesses have a long history of support and dedication to In addition to ethical and sustainable practices. For local jewelers, this can include using locally-sourced, sustainable gemstones, purchasing fairly-traded precious metals and  taking care to show transparency along the supply chain every step of the way.

3.  Attention to Detail

Many local jewelers are family-owned businesses with staff who are truly passionate about what they do, many of which include experienced specialists such as qualified gemologists and appraisers. This dedication to craft and attention to detail not only shows up in the finished product, but also in the care given to quality control.

4.  Community Links

In addition to supporting local and national infrastructure, supporting local businesses helps build community in other ways. While the influx of big brand corporations almost saw an end to the friendly local “mom n’ pop stores”, small businesses have regained popularity with consumers, helping to restore a sense of camaraderie and mutual support while creating an enjoyable in-person shopping experience.

5.  Creativity and Originality

The last decade or so has seen an increase in demand for limited-edition or custom-made items, offering a boost to small businesses and artisans alike, while creating more variety for the consumer outside of mass-produced products. Creativity and innovation often flourishes in smaller businesses, where designers can showcase fresh, original ideas through their work.

6.  Personalized Service

Small businesses generally have smaller teams of staff on hand to help with customer queries – so instead of an automated chatbot, you’re more likely to speak with a real-life human about any queries you might have. Some stores may also offer services such as extended warranties and adjustment to any pieces you already own.

7.  Supporting Local Business

Entrepreneurship is a major part of American culture: many people who migrated here 200 years ago were small business owners themselves, and some even planted the seedlings of brands we know today. By supporting local business, you could also be helping someone realize their own dream.

8.  Original Designs

This aspect of personalization also extends to the products you purchase. Rather than purchasing from a line of mass-produced products, the diverse range of items on offer at a local jewelry store is likely to include limited-edition lines from local artisans showcasing unique handcrafted pieces in their own inimitable style.

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