Over the years, earrings have evolved a lot from a simple stud to shoulder dusting and mismatched earrings. This jewelry became an inevitable part of the fashion industry. Earrings became the favorite jewelry for many women. With their versatile look, earrings have a huge place in the market. In this post, I’m gonna reveal the history of earrings.

Earrings have a long history of about 7000 years. It was worn by men and women of various societies.

History of Earrings in early period

Back in 2600 B.C.E, most of the earrings were made out of materials like gold, Carnelian, and Lapis Kazuki in Sumerian. It is believed that Ancient people could have worn earrings even before this period.

In Asia, men wore earrings more than women, and higher-class people wore earrings as a symbol of wealth and power.

In Minoan civilization, people wore earrings with metals like gold, silver, and bronze. In Aegean civilization, hoop earrings were fondly worn by men.

In Ancient Rome, earrings were worn by slaves and In Ancient Greece, only prostitutes wore them. Later, wealthy women wore earrings with pearls, topaz, garnet, and sapphire. In those days, earrings were worn by slaves, prostitutes, and members of the wealthy class.

In the 1500s, Earrings became fashionable jewelry in England. After some time, It was only worn by women and it was considered as women’s jewelry. Again In the 1900s, men were attracted to this fabulous jewelry and started to wear it.

In Ancient India, Earrings were worn by Kings and Queens, and other important people of the Society. Even there’s famous literature which is based on the earring. From this, we can understand how important the earrings were.

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Middle Ages

During the 13th century, the Catholic Church banned ear piercing. They thought that ear piercing is violating the image of God. They believed that it was a sin to modify the body by piercing. To disobey this, only thieves and pirates wore earrings.

Earrings are also pierced by the only male child of the family or for the child who was born after the death of another child. This represented that this child should be protected and he was not allowed to participate in war.

In the 1900s, clip-on earrings were more popular than traditional earrings, and people showed huge interest in ear piercing.

Stud earrings are famous for their simple look. These classic stud earrings were famous in 1920. In those times, people believed that wearing studs would protect their aura. Diamond stud earrings are timeless and blue diamond stud earrings in Sterling silver are quite popular.

Chandelier earrings originated from India and some other Middle Eastern countries. These earrings spread across the world at the age of British Colonialism in India. Inspired by the Chandelier earrings, King George presented a chandelier earring to his wife and daughter. Chandelier diamond earrings were the most popular ones.

In the Renaissance period, yellow gold diamond drop earrings were popular among women.

The Princess cut diamond earring is squarely shaped and it displays a fine geometric look. Buy half-carat princess cut diamond earrings here.

These days, diamond and emerald earrings are becoming popular and it has been used for at least 500 years. People also believed that emerald cures malaria and Cholera. From this, we can understand that each earring has its own unique story.

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