Necklace is Symbol of Ukraine’s Two-Year Struggle

Necklace is Symbol of Ukraine's Two-Year Struggle
Pic courtesy Oberig.

A jewelry house in Ukraine has spent the last two years crafting a choker necklace in white gold, titanium, and diamonds that symbolizes the country’s struggle.

Oberig, based in Kyiv, started work after Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022 and has now unveiled the finished piece, called simply Ukraine.

The centerpiece is a pendant depicting the Virgin Mary as she is found in the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, hands raised in a pleading gesture, praying for Ukraine.

Tetiana Kondratyuk, founder of Oberig, said: “This piece is the reflection of what our country is currently going through.”

Ukraine’s freediving world champion Kateryna Sadurska is promoting the Ukraine choker. Last year she broke the broke the record for world’s deepest freedive, at 77 meters in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) discipline.

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