7 Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling Forever

7 Tips to Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling Forever

So, you’ve finally got the perfect engagement ring you’d always dreamt of! You can’t stop staring at it and can’t wait to flaunt it to the world. You keep clicking Instagram-worthy pictures of your ring and can’t wait to share them with all your friends. A diamond engagement ring, after all, is one of the most precious possessions in every person’s life.

But here’s the thing – while diamonds are extremely durable and the hardest known material in the world, they aren’t invincible. Whoever said “diamonds are forever” forgot to mention that they also tend to attract grime, dust, and oil. This, in turn, can reduce their sparkle and brightness over time. Also, they can bruise or chip if you engage in rigorous hands-on activities exercising, gardening, etc.

The good news is that taking care of diamond rings isn’t rocket science. You just have to know the right techniques to keep it sparkling clean. In this blog, we’ve highlighted a few simple tips and tricks to keep your engagement ring as good as new. Let’s get started.

1. Stop Touching the Center Stone

First things first – you need to stop touching the center stone of your ring while wearing it or taking it off. Whether you’re into dainty pink diamond rings or quirky black diamond rings, the center stone acts as a magnet for body oil and dust. Frequently touching it can cause it to have a cloudy or dull appearance.

Worse still, if you have long and sharp nails, they might end up scratching the stone. The best way to prevent this from happening is to grab the band around the stone whenever you’re wearing or removing your ring.

2. Get Engagement Ring Insurance

An awesome looking diamond engagement ring is expensive. Period. Imagine the shock and despair if it gets lost, damaged, or worse, stolen! That’s why you need to purchase engagement ring insurance at the earliest if your fiance hasn’t done that already.

It can go a long way to help you avoid undue financial stress if you ever lose or damage your ring. Make sure you consult a reliable and experienced jeweler to find the right valuation of your ring. Your jeweler will also likely guide you to select the right insurance company. Also, don’t forget to get your ring appraised every few years.

3. Never Take it Off in Public Places

The last thing you want is to take your engagement ring off at a public restroom to wash your hands and then forget to take it off. It happens more often than you’d like to imagine. That’s why you should make it a point to never remove it from your finger in public places such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, etc.

Having said that, there are a few places where wearing your engagement may not be the best idea. For instance, if you’re going to the beach or for a camping trip in the woods, it’s recommended that you keep your ring in a safe place at home. The last thing you want is to chip the center stone of your ring while pitching a tent or playing beach volleyball.

4. Be Careful While Doing Hands-On Activities

If you’re planning to do any household chores such as laundry, dusting, mopping, etc., it’s a good idea to take your ring off. Otherwise, your ring is going to end up accumulating dust and grime and lose its luster over time. Also, make sure you’re not wearing it while engaging in hands-on hobbies such as painting, gardening, pottery, etc.

5. Use Ring Dishes

Do you have a tendency to misplace things around the house? Then ring dishes are going to be your best friend. Keep them in key areas such as in the bathroom and near the kitchen sink. It’ll ensure that you don’t have to keep looking around for your ring after you take it off. Also, it might be a wise idea to keep a ring dish on your bedside table. This is particularly useful if you prefer to take your ring off before sleeping.

6. Do a Prong Check

Irrespective of the engagement ring style you select, the prongs tend to become loose over time. Ignoring wobbly prongs could have disastrous consequences. Make sure you schedule an appointment with your jeweler for a routine prong check.

Alternatively, you can do it at home by looking closely at the prongs and identifying if one of them appears shorter than the others. Also, hold the ring near your ear and gently shake it. If you hear a tinkling sound, immediately visit a professional jeweler to get the prongs tightened.

7. Clean Your Ring at Home

Taking your engagement ring to your jeweler for routine maintenance and cleanup is always recommended. However, you may not always have the time or luxury to do that. Don’t fret! All you need to do is soak your ring in soap water for a few hours and clean it with a gentle toothbrush.

Wipe it with a soft cloth after cleaning and your ring is going to be as good as new. Make sure you avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach and alcohol to clean your ring.

What cleanup hacks have you tried to keep your engagement ring sparking clean? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and TJM Media Pvt Ltd. is not responsible for any errors in the same.