ALROSA increases quality of health care in Yakutia

Aysen Nikolaev, the Head of Yakutia, inaugurated the hospital with 30-bed medical and children’s ward and a clinic unit for 180 visits per shift built in the village of Batagay, Verkhoyansky district of Yakutia, with the funding from ALROSA.
The Trust Fund for Future Generations of Yakutia built and commissioned the facility at ALROSA’s expense late last year. The diamond miner donated about RUB 600 million for the construction of the hospital complex.
The new complex has the status of an inter-district hospital, which makes it possible to provide medical care and conduct preventive medical check-ups of people in all nearby districts. The new hospital will employ primary health-care personnel and specialists: therapists, pediatricians, neurologist, surgeon, oncologist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, dentists, obstetrician-gynecologist, dermatovenerologist, endoscopist, infectologist, endocrinologist, ultrasound diagnostic specialist, radiologist etc. Units of the hospital are located in spacious and well-equipped rooms.
According to Alexey Dyachkovsky, Deputy CEO of ALROSA, the new hospital in Verkhoyansky district will become the flagship of high-tech medical care for residents of the Arctic.
“ALROSA has been operating in Yakutia for over 60 years. From the first day of operation, we are convinced that our task is not only to mine diamonds, but to help develop our republic as well. As a matter of law, ALROSA’s obligations to the region are limited to the payment of dividends and taxes, including the mineral extraction tax. However, we believe that the Company’s mission is much broader and much more important – to create an accessible infrastructure and environment in Yakutia, improve the living conditions of local people, and provide support to those who need it. With the opening of this hospital, the life of the Verkhoyansky district’s residents will significantly improve,” says Alexey Dyachkovsky.
“It is symbolic that the Year of Health announced by the Head of the Republic Aysen Nikolaev begins with such a significant event. It is a vital facility that guarantees high-quality medical care for residents of the Arctic. As you know, the construction of facilities here has its own specifics. Transport logistics and climate dictate certain conditions for the construction and delivery of building materials and medical equipment. Construction crews also strictly observed all the restrictive measures. Nevertheless, by joint efforts, we managed to commission a high-quality facility that is fully compatible with modern medical requirements. It is the first large healthcare facility in the Arctic area with a whole range of comprehensive health services,” said Vladimir Egorov, CEO of the Trust Fund for Future Generations.
In recent years, several large social facilities are being built in Yakutia through donations from ALROSA. Among them are the Palace of Culture and Spiritual Development in the village of Namtsy, cultural and sports complex in the settlement of Zyryanka. A school for 90 pupils was commissioned in the village of Abyi, an adaptive sports hall in the village of Betyuntsy, a social rehabilitation center for minors in Mirny, village club in the village of Usun-Kyuel, the Republican Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Yakutsk and other significant social institutions. On the eve of 2021, Aysen Nikolaev inaugurated the multifunctional cultural and leisure complex named after the People’s Artist of the USSR Dmitry Khodulov in the village of Maya, also built with the funds from the diamond miner.

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