Anushka Sharma to be the face of silver jewellery brand GIVA

Anushka Sharma to be the face of silver jewellery brand GIVA

Bengaluru-based startup GIVA Jewellery has announced its association with actor Anushka Sharma as their Brand Ambassador.

“As a celebrity and role model for millions of Indians, Anushka Sharma embodies the essence of a true achiever who has worked hard to rise the Bollywood ladder from her humble army background. Donning multiple roles of being an acclaimed actress, film producer, and a doting mother; Anushka is also importantly known to have supported several social causes that exists across industries today,” the company said.

On being signed as the Brand Ambassador for GIVA, she added, “The 21st century woman today values her independence as much as embracing our rich traditions and culture. As a person, I have always stood up for the right ideals and like to have my individualistic style through simple and elegant jewellery pieces I wear every day. In that sense, GIVA offers the perfect blend of glamour and elegant beauty through their timeless collection of authentic silver jewellery & accessories. I am glad to be associated with GIVA not only for what they offer but also because we both share the same enthusiasm for social causes that can make a world of difference to the often-overlooked strata of our society today.”

Speaking on their association with the leading actress, Founder & CEO of GIVA, Ishendra Agarwal adds, “Anushka Sharma has always been a strong voice for women-empowerment and comes across as a vivacious but thoughtful role model for millions of Indians today. As a brand, GIVA stands in solidarity with the various social causes that Anushka supports and believes that she perfectly embodies what GIVA stands for; elegance, beauty, and an indomitable spirit. GIVA aims to achieve the numero-uno position in the Silver Jewellery market by emphasizing the beauty of silver, crafted elegantly in the form of daily-wear jewellery & accessory items, all at an affordable price. We are delighted with our association with Anushka and look forward to a glorious partnership with arguably India’s most-loved celebrity and a beautiful human at heart.”

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