Themed “Celebrating a Stronger Singapore”, the iconic festival launches on 8th December at New Concept Pop-Up Gallery at #01-11 Scott Square and embraces changing consumer habits with curated digital and physical events over four-months

SINGAPORE – DECEMBER, 2021JEWELUXE WORLD is putting Singapore firmly on the global map as it spearheads a four-month jewellery, timepieces, fashion and lifestyle festival kicking off on 8th of December 2021. JeweLuxe Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Angela Loh, said it is time to recast the spotlight on Singapore’s ability to safely host international luxury event and invite global heavyweights and exciting young designers to showcase their cutting edge and iconic creations to Singaporean and overseas shoppers who are beginning to arrive in Singapore.

This 5th edition, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, also paves the way for JEWELUXE 2022, which the organisers are confident will be conscientiousness unveiled at the iconic Ngee Ann City venue in October next year, welcoming jewellery brands, designers, lifestyle purveyors and both Singapore and international shoppers.

JeweLuxe Responds to Desire for Accessible Luxury with Prices From SGD800

JeweLuxe 2021 will not be all pavé diamonds and million-dollar masterpieces. COVID-19 has shown a significant increase in demand for accessible jewellery for everyday styling due to the lack of red carpet or special events and thus lesser need for haute joaillerie. According to Angela, “Celebrating a Stronger Singapore” is a catalyst to strip back, regroup, re-engage and find new appreciation for luxury that was all too glorified.

Ready-to-wear for every day, engineered flawlessly and within reach of the average customer with price of jewellery starting at SGD800, JeweLuxe has hand-picked brands and independents designers for shoppers diverting discretionary income to luxury and seeking provenance and meaningful purchases.

JeweLuxe CEO, Angela Loh said, “We are grateful to be emerging cautiously from this pandemic and are poised to bring more value propositions and meaningful experiences to consumers in three strategic perspectives.

The first being elevating the value of precious purchase with the curation of iconic designs and compelling craft by independent brands that are have withstood the test of time.

Secondly, JeweLuxe celebrates a new consciousness that give rise to a new proposition of purposeful luxury and power of community. This year will see the curation of brands sharing the same vision to give-back and do good, as well as activities that promote unity in plurality.”

In addition, the organisers are also poised to scale the Festival’s digital prowess in transferring the shopper’s physical interactions onto the virtual universe; and elevating its content that is in the forefront of engagement through sophisticated digital experiences. 

Exclusivity, Authenticity in a Metaverse with JeweLuxe’s First NFT

Nelson Lee, Co-founder and COO of JeweLuxe World also announce the launch of JeweLuxe‘s first non-fungible tokens (NFT), which is critical in driving new-age luxury as more shoppers move exclusively online and mitigate ongoing challenges from global pandemic.

“As we transcend into a metaverse ready world, JeweLuxe will create for the first time, four unique NFTs in partnership with four unique individuals in society, under the theme “STRONGER” and will unveil it to the crypto-economy community. There were over $2.5 billion in NFT sales in the first half of 2021, $1.2 billion in the month of July alone. This kind of exponential growth has been seen across the blockchain space over the course of the pandemic. 

The launch of JeweLuxe‘s first NFT will mark the defining moment that Singapore’s society of affluent and influence converge to create a collective voice of courage and hope for a better future regardless of COVID19,” said Nelson.

Hybrid shopping experiences will include a selection of intimate red-carpet trunk show with catwalks going virtual and in-store sampling adventures with insights broadcast and shared online on JeweLuxe World’s e-commerce and different social media platforms. Shoppers will be invited to “Spot Your Iconic Style”, with a team of experts on hand to elevate a deeper appreciation of design intricacies. 

Four distinct themes have been unveiled, each celebrating rich cultural heritage, generational provenance and innovative, contemporary designs. Paired with lifestyle and international fashion houses, the organisers have curated hybrid virtual and immersive in-store events and trunk shows tailored to deliver safe and elegant shopping experience.

8th December – 4 January: Rise of A New Asia

Uplifting women, promoting resilience and advocating self-love and self-care, JeweLuxe has invited a constellation of Asia’s finest houses and designers to share their iconic designs and limited-edition ready-to-wear creations that re-interpret Asian culture and traditional craft.

Dynamic, award-winning Singapore and Asian jewellery brands including Caratell, Infiniti Jewels, Jaipore by Ritu Aurora, Risis, Manjrie, Teng Huat, Tsura, and also overseas counterparts House of Umrao, Masterstroke and Tichu (India), Baerjewels and Shelly by Dynasty, (Hong Kong) will each unveil their distinct design philosophy through design and craft focused curated events. 

Asian cultures of design and craft takes the limelight in four-month JeweLuxe kick-off. Designers, both fashion and jewellery put their creative souls into the reinterpretation and revitalization of Asian culture of style with a refreshing perspective in the following curated showcase experiences:

  • Indian Tradition of Design and Craft Revitalised – Re-interpretation of Indian traditional design and craft into contemporary style statements for the stars and who’s who of Asian high-society and professional elites is what Anuj of Umrao and Nikasha of fashion labels, Nikasha and NIKA Bespoke do best. JeweLuxe interviews designers on how they distil the essence of traditional Indian design and craft them into glamorous styles of global appeal.  Singaporean jewellery designers, Jaipore by Ritu Aurora and Manjrie will also join us to present their distinctive visions and design and craft approaches.
  • With the resurgence of appreciation for the Peranakan culture, JeweLuxe In the Spotlight is cast on Caratell and Risis creations inspired by this style culture appreciated with Singapore’s two local fashion labels, Triologie and Rumah Kim Choo’s revitalised perspectives of this traditional Asian style culture. 
5th January – 15th February: The American Dream

Community, Sustainability and Empowered Living will be the key inspiration for the second showcase propelled by a new wave of American jewellery designers.

Impactful labels that are new to Asia include Daria de Koning, Elliot Young Fine Jewelry, Tagili, which is showcasing side by side with powerhouses such as Kimberly MacDonald

Faraone Mannella and Paolo Costagli.

Thought-provoking thematic activities such as the following will bring a refreshing perspective of jewellery appreciation.

  • Sustaining Sustainability – JeweLuxe curates Sustainable Styles featuring jewels by Kimberly Mcdonald; showcased with Singapore designer, Ying the Label’s sustainable collection preview and Nature-inspired prints.  
  • Unearthing Art of Nature – MM Galleri, Daria de Koning and Kimberly MacDonald collectively showcase the riveting beauty of precious art that are created naturally by our Mother Earth, harnessed to its full potential in luxurious manifestations of jewellery and living styles.
  • New Purpose. A New Vision – JeweLuxe collaborates Purpose Venture Capital to share a new vision in building and promoting purposeful businesses to do good, not only in ROIs but also to bring value to a larger community or our world at large.
  • Power of Community – JeweLuxe seeks to unite Singapore’s society and professional community through appreciation of and/or styling with jewellery to evoke a collective voice of motivation, empowerment and optimism.
16th February – 22nd March: The European Renaissance

JeweLuxe has planned a presentation of carefully curated European creative forces, embracing the spirit of the European Renaissance of jewellery designs including Marina B, Alessio Boschi, Amedeo and Leonori (Italy), D&A Style and Tenzo (Russia).

JeweLuxe collaborates with a slew of local and international fashion labels to present the Art of Modernising Traditional Craft in Fashion and Jewellery – a month-long of weekly curated experiences for the appreciation of Europe’s history of style– from Chinoiserie, to Frills and Ruffles to Lace, Punk and contemporary looks that rock!

23rd March – 19th April: From Beginning of Time

JeweLuxe brings consumers on a time-travelling trip to look at timepieces from the past, to the present, and even to the future, while exploring the vision, inspirations, and passions of independent watchmaker. 

From Beginning of Time is a timepiece centric showcase that spots the design and mechanical milestones in watchmaking and trends that captured the collectors’ imagination – from the evergreen investibles and collectibles of Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemar Piguet by 2tonevintage, to the contemporary watchmakers that are blazing the trail to fame and global recognition such as Konstantin Chaykin, Ophion, Singer Reimagined, DIW, Azimuth, etc.

From Beginning of Time will present insights and adventures in appreciating timepieces to unravel: 

  • Audacity in Perfecting Design of Movement – The decision to award Konstantin Chaykin the Audacity Prize of the 2018 Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève was made by the jury and the organizers at the very last moment. The name of the Audacity Prize, chosen by the organizing committee, should be recognized as successful and very suitable for the Clown watch – the Russian watchmaker won this award exactly for it. Discover how this happened from the first Russian GPHG watchmaker.
  • The Exceptional Art of L’Epee 1839 – L’Epée has been a prominent clockmaking house for more than 180 years. Today, it is the only manufacture in Switzerland to specialize in the production of high-end clocks. Founded in 1839 by Auguste L’Epée, the company originally focused on producing music boxes and watch components. Even at this early stage, the brand was synonymous with entirely hand-made pieces. Throughout its history, L’Epée 1839 has developed an exceptional table clock collection, encompassing a range of sophisticated classic carriage clocks, contemporary design clocks and avant-garde horological intended to shock, evoke and inspire people, not to toe the line.
    • High-end Watchmaking at Affordable Prices – Unravel how an Ophion watch with its case done by famed Kari Voutilainen, who is reputed for his high value watches retailing as much as 70,000chf and with a three-years waiting list, be retailed at mere 2950 euro. Garner insights of the watchmaking industry shifting towards transparency and collaboration with Ophion.
  • Investibility of Vintage – Creating Your Portfolio Understand from world renowned vintage collector and owner of 2tonevintage Ali Nael why vintage have been his blue-chip stock for the last 20 years.
  • Cars & Watches – Immaculate Pairing for the Ultimate Gentleman – Singer Vehicle Design is an American company that modifies Porsche 911s. It was founded by Rob Dickinson, former front-man of the English rock band Catherine Wheel. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. Find out how Singer Reimagined, their watch company have emerged so quickly into one of the most respected independent and collectible watch brand today.

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