Launch of Luxury Jewelry Collection Features Extremely Rare Precious Gemstones and Spiritually Serendipitous Provenance

Daughters of Kings Ring by Holy Gems
Photo: Daughters of Kings Ring by Holy Gems

Holy Gems is a new collection of luxury jewelry featuring certified precious gemstones mined for the first time in the Holy Land of Israel.  Each piece represents a story of focus, faith, spirituality, and determination.

The parent company, Shefa in Israel, is the only mining company in Israel that has ever tried, and been successful, at locating and mining precious gemstones in the area. Although geologists and mining experts determined that there would be no gemstones, the founder of Shefa, Avi Taub, believed otherwise based on biblical references and the guidance of a religious leader, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson in Brooklyn.

A Leap of Faith Leads to Treasure

The amazing story of Holy Gems began 20 years ago when a man with a vision decided to prove to the world that science and faith can coexist. Avi Taub, founder Shefa in Israel, spearheaded the decision to explore economic deposits of precious gems in Israel. When asked what made him decide to go through the expensive, tedious, and lengthy process of exploration and development of mines in Israel without any prelaminar scientific proof Taub said, “I decided to listen to a different expert, one who bases his facts, not only on science, but also on faith, tradition, and sacred sources. And after a long journey, which led to new and conclusive scientific evidence, I can truly say that faith can move mountains.”

Drops of Love Ring by Holy Gems
Photo: Drops of Love Ring by Holy Gems

The discovery certainly surprised Industry experts and scientists, after examining the land, determined that the land was too young and the conditions not suitable for the creation of gemstones.

Official Discovery Certificates Are Proof of Faith and Focus

In March 2020, Shefa in Israel received an official discovery certificate from the Supervisor of Mines in the State of Israel, stating that for the first time in history, a deposit of precious gems was discovered in northern Israel at the alluvial Kishon Mine. The discovery of Sapphires was particularly meaningful since there was no scientific evidence nor had it been an attraction for those making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Precious Olives Earrings by Holy Gems
Photo: Precious Olives Earrings by Holy Gems

Sadly, Taub passed away four months before his life project received its official feasibility approval from the state of Israel. After Taub’s death, his children, led by his eldest daughter, the new Shefa CEO, Tali (Taub) Shalem, realized their father’s vision and took the discovery of precious gemstones in Israel and established Holy Gems.  This new brand features, for the first time in history, rare certified precious gems mined from the Holy Land.

The Launch of Holy Gems – Featuring Extremely Rare Precious Gems Mined in Israel

The collection features 101 unique one-of-a-kind pieces set in 18K gold jewelry set with exclusive precious gems, the first quantity mined from the Kishon mine in the Holy Land, including a beautiful Sapphire in colors of deep blue to enriching green, a Garnet in sensual red to burgundy and elegant, and empowering black Spinel. In addition, the collection includes jewelry set with the new special precious gem, the Carmel-Sapphire, with the appearance of the sky, found only in Israel which contain inclusions of a remarkable mineral association formed in the most reducing conditions ever reported on Earth (IMA: Mineral of the year 2018). The company has also published a full catalog.

Pure Flower Necklace by Holy Gems
Photo: Pure Flower Necklace by Holy Gems

All of the precious gems mined from the Holy Land undergo a delicate and exquisite polishing process which perfectly reveals the beautiful natural properties of the gem. Pieces in the Holy Gems collection are designed in traditional and classic styles, by in-house expert, Michaella Taub, the wife of Avi Taub and mother of Tali Taub Shalem.  The collection is inspired by biblical verses about the Holy Land. Individually handcrafted at a microscopic level of accuracy, each piece matches the jewel to the gem, and not the reverse as is customary. Luxury is demonstrated with the highest level of finish by international standards.

Daughters of Kings Ring by Holy Gems
Photo: Daughters of Kings Ring by Holy Gems

By pioneering the discovery of these proprietary gemstones, each piece is transparent and traceable at a level as rare as the gemstones themselves.  Each piece of Holy Gems jewelry is Certified by a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisals, authorized by the EGL to issue international precious gems and jewelry grading, backed by independent geological and gemological reports, comprehensive university studies, and scientific evidence provided by the mining company.

The Holy Gems brand’s exclusive rights to market these certified gems, allow the brand to call itself “a truly unique luxury jewelry collection” because there is no other source for these gems in the world.  The very limited and rare precious gemstones make the pieces almost unattainable. The luxurious fine jewelry collection offers those that appreciate exclusivity, designs that are immediately recognizable and highly coveted.

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